Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Vs Nokia Lumia 1020 Smartphone Comparison

The Samsung has unveiled their smartphone galaxy S4 Zoom and Nokia recently released their new lumia 1020 Windows smartphone which now here for a head to head comparison. Both smartphones are built for cellphone photographers and they can take pictures with high quality. In short, the Nokia Lumia 1020 is a new venture that sports a good 41 mega-pixels back facing camera and S4 zoom is a point and shoot camera phone. Here I made a short comparison between two smartphones in-terms of camera resolution, size of the phone, memory, operating system etc.


Camera Resolution:

The Lumia 1020 has a 41 MP rear camera branded PureView with an f/2.2 ZEISS lens. The phone hasn’t the ability to optically zoom but they’ve provide 6x digital zoom. Nokia claims that the zoom will not reduce the quality of images taken by the camera because the sensors collect enough information to faithfully reproduce the image.

The Samsung galaxy S4 zoom has a 16 MP but it is smaller sensor than the Nokia lumia 1020 with an f/3.1-f/6.3 24-240mm 10x zoom lens. Unlike Lumia 1020 S4 zoom is capable of 10x optical zoom which made this phone brilliant choice for photographers (remember even a low dedicated digital camera has only 4 or 8x optical zoom).

Size of the machine:

Both phones are Smartphones that has very fine design, the physical size makes them different from normal phones. The dimension information of Nokia Lumia 1020 5.1×2.8×0.5 and that of S4 zoom is 5×2.5×0.61 which shows the device is bulkier than normal models. The lumia has back-facing lens set in landscape. S4 zoom has bulge at bottom end and the lens system looks aesthetic.

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Memory Capacity:

High resolution camera means need of higher memory since HQ photos needs more space to store. For this S4 zoom got  8GB internal storage while Nokia lumia 1020 is the king who’s got 32 GB space on-chip but has no micro-SD slot.

Operating System:

You already know that S4 zoom is an Android smartphone which has jelly bean (Android 4.2) installed. The nokia lumia 1020 is powered with Windows Phone 8 OS and the camera is run by default Nokia Pro Cam app.

Overall Comparison chart:


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