The Samsung Galaxy Not 8 has been in the news for quite a long time. As Samsung rolled out its review units, tech people around the globe started reviewing it, making videos and blog posts about its pros and cons, comparisons etc. regarding its high specifications, beautiful screen to the oddly placed fingerprint scanner and a smaller battery. Does the company has a hit?. Well its too early to put an opinion since the phone has not been reached in customers in India, while people in other countries just got their hands on the device September 15. The Note 8 sale is scheduled in India on 21st September, you can Pre-order the smartphone from Amazon India.

galaxy note 8 faq and answers

Frequently asked questions about Samsung Galaxy Note 8

1.  How is the battery life on Galaxy Note 8?

The GN8 just has a 3300 mAh battery. It is quite natural that people will worry about its battery life since it has huge 6.2 inch display with an always-on feature. From our tests, despite having a small battery, Note 8 manages to stay on for a full working day with 40% on Airtel 4G data, and the rest on WiFi.

Galaxy note 8 battery usage

note 8 estimated battery graph

2. How is the auto-brightness calibration in Note 8?

Luckily, the ambient light sensor works very well on this device. Even if you take it to outdoors on a sunny day, the display responds to the changes quickly by increasing or reducing the brightness. The sensor is very smartly calibrated so that it goes to very low brightness when all lights off, usually when you go to bed in your room.

3. Is it a good idea to upgrade to Note 8 instead of S8? Which one is worth the price?

Galaxy S8 is smaller and lighter compared to Note 8. Also, it does not have the dual camera setup which allows you to take some seriously good snaps.

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On the other hand, if size and a little added weight doesn’t bothers you much, it is always a thumbs up for Note 8 because of its above advantages.

note 8 and galaxy s8 side by side

4. What is unique about Galaxy Note 8?. Why should one consider Note 8 over other smartphones like iPhone 10 or the s8 Plus?

The most unique thing about Note 8 is its S pen. None of the other competitors has the S pen like stylus coming with it. Apart from this, the dual camera of Note 8 is far superior than any other phone. The snaps taken on GN8 is great and it deserves some praise. These would be the main two selling points of Note 8.

5. Will Samsung be giving Android Oreo 8.0 update and regular security updates for Note 8?

Samsung is competitively good at giving timely updates to users at least on its premium smartphones. So you will be getting the regular updates without any issues. Yes, the Android O will reach Note 8 but Samsung hasn’t revealed any dates for the same.

6. What about its speaker quality?

Coming to sound department, speaker just does its job. It is just a bottom speaker, very similar to S8. If you compare it with smartphones which sports front firing speakers, it is average.

7. How is the general performance? Have you faced any lags or RAM management issues?

On day-to-day usage, the phone does its job amazingly fast. Multitasking has never been smooth before, you don’t even bother to close the apps. Most of the times I used to press the home button instead of pressing back to kill the app. The 6 GB ram is really helping Note 8 not to kill any apps in background even when you open heavy apps like Facebook, YouTube one after another.

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8. Is it worth to spend ₹3000 extra (Compared to  S8+) for the S pen, dual camera and a larger screen?

S pen options

Yes, the dual camera on the Note 8 is worth the price, it is a huge improvement over S8+. The telephoto lens and the portrait live focus mode really helps you to take high quality snap shots. S pen is a great addition if you make a habit of using it regularly. It is really helpful in taking small notes instead of typing it.

9. How is the call quality? In Speaker mode?

There are no issues  with the call quality, if you talk about the sound output comes out in speaker mode –  it is just loud enough to hear the voice there isn’t something to wow you.

10. Any overheating issues?

The Note 8 never overheated during our tests including calls, gaming. etc

11. Does the always-on display affects the battery life?

The always-on mode will consume 4-5% more battery than without it. But considering the advantage of having the always-on mode, the excess battery juice drained is worth it.

12. Does the Indian variant supports wireless charging?

Yes. All models of Note 8 supports wireless charging

13. How good is the AKG earphones that are included with Galaxy Note 8?

It is always good to get free things but if you are very picky about sound changes and tones, the AKG earphones will not be enough for you.

14. How is the audio quality from headphone jack?

Audio quality on Note 8 is nothing great or bad. Samsung hasn’t done anything to improve on audio quality from other smartphones. However if you adjust the sound quality with inbuilt equaliser and UHQ upscaler, you can enrich the flat sound output coming from the audio jack.

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15. What are the chances of breaking it if it falls from a height of 1 Meter approx.?

The front and rear side of Note 8 is built using glass, so there are high chances you will break it if it falls down. It is better to spend a few hundred bucks to get a good smartphone cover. You can check Amazon/Flipkart  also to get good covers for your smartphone.

Camera comparison: Galaxy Note 8 Vs iPhone 7 Plus

Both phones has very similar specifications when it comes to camera. Both sports a dual camera – One is for general shooting while the secondary one brings the subject closer with its 2X zooming capabilities. Both phones has the ability to focus the object and adds blur to the background. Samsung calls it as live focus where Apple call it as Portrait Mode.

Here are some snaps taken on both phone side by side, to get an overview of both cameras:

From the above snaps, it is evident that the note 8 camera beats the Apple iPhone 7 plus camera. The iPhone tries to get the background blur results in blurring the entire picture where the note 8 live focus did a decent job in finding the edges.

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