Run Android Apps on Windows, Mac and Linux Using ARChon

A week ago, Google gave Chrome OS the ability to run android apps through  “App Runtime for Chrome”. But it has so many limitations since only a few apps were supported. But a Canadian developer named Vladikoff” has made an extensive and fruitful research and came up with his own custom version of the  Android Runtime for Google Chrome called ARChon. The only requirement for the apps to work is to add a simple extension to your Google chrome. And guess what ? That simple  extension will be able to run android apps on any operating system.


Archon in linux platform

In order to run the apps on your machine, you need to unpack the apk file of the corresponding app first. Fortunately the developer has a tool which can be used to do this unpacking very easily through the command line. We can expect the GUI (Graphical User Interface) for this unpacking operation in the near  future, so that unpacking will be much more easier.

Sounds interesting?. If you want to try it now, first download this zip file that contains the required Runtime as google chrome extension. Extract the zip file and load it in the extension manager on chrome. You must enable the “Developer mode” option in chrome for loading custom extensions. After loading the runtime, you can start loading apps.

How to enable developer mode in Google Chrome?

  • Open Google Chrome, type “chrome://extensions” in the address bar and hit Enter.
  • It’ll open up the extensions page in chrome, there’s a check-box to enable developer mode as shown below
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  • Make sure that check-box is enabled .

Running android apps on any OS is  a very exiting topic as it shows the power of this world’s most popular mobile Operating System. Keep in mind that ARChon is still in it’s nascent stage and a lot of development would be integrated into it to make it a perfect feature.


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