Xiaomi Redmi Y1 is a newly launched budget smartphone focusing on selfies. The biggest competitor to Y1 is the Xiaomi’s own Redmi 4. In terms of pricing both are very similar, buy the biggest advertising that the Xiaomi uses for Y1 is its 16 megapixel front facing camera. They are not even mentioned about the rear facing camera of Y1. In fact it has a 13 megapixel shooter. On the other hand Redmi 4 has a 5 megapixel front facing camera and a 13 MP back camera.

The processor is the same for both devices – Snapdragon 435, other basic specifications are matching, it make sense to compare the camera of both Redmi Y1 and Redmi 4 so we can see is there any major differences between camera performances of both devices.

Selfie video comparison

When we look at the sample videos that are shot using both front camera of both devices, Redmi Y1 is showing a bright video whereas the Redmi 4 selfie video is a bit dark. But the saturation and color reproduction in the Redmi 4 is definitely looks better than that on the Y1. The audio quality feels the same for both smartphones.

Rear facing camera comparison

When it comes to pictures taken using the rear facing camera of Redmi Y1 and Redmi 4 – pictures are a lot brighter in Redmi 4 – In fact the pictures taken on a Redmi 4 is more closer to reality.

Macro close up shots

In terms of macro shots, Y1 did a better job compared to Redmi 4. It is not like we couldn’t take macro shots and close up shots with Redmi 4, but Y1 produced better pictures easily while trying to take close up shots using rear facing camera.

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Color reproduction

Y1 produced better results while looking at the quality of color reproduction. The colorsin the sample shots taken are more close to real life than in Redmi 4.

Indoor lighting

When we move to indoor lighting, Redmi 4 seems to have done a better job than Y1. AS you can see the Redmi 4 images are a lot brighter than the Y1. This is mainly due to the lens that Redmi 4 uses – It has a 13 mega pixel f2.0 aperture camera while the Y1 has a 13 MP f2.2 aperture camera. Clearly, the Redmi 4 is letting in more light results in clear pictures.

Selfie camera comparison

The selfie camera of Y1 produced brighter images compared to Redmi 4. In indoor and artificial conditions the Y1 has an edge over Redmi 4. But some times the pictures of Y1 seem to have over exposed and lost the quality. In very low lighting, Y1 definitely takes over Redmi 4.


The comparison results are actually a bit strange here. If rear facing camera performance is really important to you – Go with Redmi 4 because it did a lot better job than the Y1 camera. Not just in the outdoor but also in the artificial indoor lighting, Redmi 4 rear camera outperformed the Y1’s camera.

When it comes to selfies, Y1 did a better job than Redmi 4. There is no clear explanation on why Xiaomi didn’t use the same rear facing camera on both phones, otherwise it would have been easier to pick one from these two devices.

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