A common problem that occurs with Android phones, in general, is the issue with charging. This also happens sometimes with the Redmi Note model phones. Follow the steps below if your phone is not charging, isn’t starting or even turning on. You can also try the steps below if your phone screen is stuck on a black screen or immediately turns off after turning on.

Restart the phone

Try the traditional method of solving all issues associated with any electronic devices. Turn off and turn on a phone. You can restart the phone by holding down the power button for at least 7 seconds.

Solve issues with Cable, Charger, Outlet, and Case

Some charging problems associated with Redmi phones can be attributed to people using duplicate chargers and cables. Use genuine chargers and cables that come with your phone which might solve some charging issues. Check whether the charger and cable are working by connecting another Redmi phone to it. More often than not, the issues might be with the charger cable since people jam the cable and its pin forcefully into charging ports. Also, check whether the pin in the charger cable is connected properly to the phone’s port. You should also clean the phone’s charging port to remove any traces of dust/lint. Also, check the charging outlet on the wall to see if it is properly working. Also, try charging by connecting to a computer to see if the problem is with the wall socket.


Check to see the battery charge

To check whether the phone is charging, connect the phone to the charger and wait a few moments. If the phone is charging, a green blinking battery icon will be displayed on the screen. You should restart the phone only after recharging for a minimum of thirty minutes. There won’t be enough power to turn on the phone if the indicator is a red blinking icon instead of the phone. Switching on the phone at a low charge is not advisable as it does more harm to your battery life.

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Adjust the Charging port

Another minor problem that might be affecting the charging of your phone may be the damaged tab in the charging port of your phone. This could happen because you forced your charger cable into the port carelessly. Try leveling this tab into its normal position using a small needle and if you are lucky, it might solve the charging problem.

Change Battery

If all steps fail, the problem may be with the phone’s battery. Try replacing the battery to see if the problem is solved.

Factory Reset/ Update

Factory resetting the phone or updating the phone with the latest updates may from time to time solve any minor charging issues associated with the phone.

Try every step above to see if the charging issue persists. If all the steps fail, then the problem might be with your Redmi’s internal hardware. You might have to take it to the Redmi Service Centre to see if the issues can be resolved or the phone needs to be completely replaced.

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