The new Redmi Note 8 has hit the market and is already a favorite among the Xiaomi faithful. Like every other Android phone on the market, one of the major attractions is the prolonged battery life. It uses a 4000mAh battery which would essentially last a full day on a single full charge of the battery. Here we give you some tips on how to increase the battery life by controlling the functions of the apps in your Note 8.

Redmi Note 8

Playstore Updates

Like in every other Android phone Google has turned on the Auto-update option for apps over Wi-Fi in the Google Playstore. This not only drains your bandwidth but also your battery life. You can go to the playstore to change the setting to ‘Do not auto-update apps’ and can choose to only update those important apps whenever you wish. This is one way to save battery life especially if you are outside your home and need to preserve battery.


Apps auto starting is another cause for drainage of battery. This feature can be turned off from the security app. In the app, click on the ‘Permissions tab’. Then tap on the option ‘Autostart’. Then in the next window that opens, you will be able to see all the apps that have the permission to auto start in the background without you opening it manually. Disable every single one of the apps in the list except for any important messaging apps like Whatsapp that require this feature to be turned on to bring you messages in real-time.

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Redmi Note 8 save battery life

Once you disable the unnecessary apps, they will no longer remain in the RAM and drain your battery power from the background.

Deleting unwanted Applications

Some people like stocking up apps for whatever reason and then not use it months on end. They are huge storage space drainers as well as battery drainers. Only have those apps that you use at least monthly on your phone. Reduce the number of video players and music players to one. Stop installing multiple kinds of weather and news apps. This step is bound to reduce battery drainage.


Closing apps from the background all the time

For some people, it is a habit to close all the apps running in the background every once in a while. The reason that we do this is thinking it would take less battery and RAM if we close them but it does the complete opposite. So when the app is running in the background and then reopened, all the processes will be resumed from where you left off whereas if you close the apps all the time, your phone would have to start the entire process from scratch that is going to take its toll.


Notifications popping up all the time from all the apps will reduce your battery life. All the app developers will provide you notifications at least once a day so that you will open to check the app which is precisely the purpose of the notifications. The more you open the app, the more ad revenue they get. So it is wise to disable the notifications of most of the apps especially the music/video players and games. Only leave notifications ON for apps like Whatsapp or Gmail.

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Other ways in which you can save the battery power are by turning off all the functions like Location, Vibration, WI-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth, NFC, etc whenever they are not being used. You can also enable the auto-brightness option to reduce the display brightness whenever possible and thereby saving battery life.

Another important factor that determines battery life and overall performance of your phone is to charge your phone at proper intervals. Never let the battery levels drop below 20% and don’t use them while charging. Following these steps will guarantee a longer battery life for your Redmi Note 8.

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