Redmi Note 7 was made available to the public in early 2019 and it has been banging in sales ever since. Powered by a 4000mAh battery, the Note7 easily lasts a whole day on a single full recharge. Even so here we point out a few changes you could make to the wireless settings of the device to improve battery life.

Redmi Note 7 - Change Wireless Settings to Improve Battery Life

Automatically turn OFF Hotspot

Leaving Hotspot or any other wireless setting ON without being used for a significant amount of time is bound to drain your battery. Here we tell you how to turn off your hotspot automatically when not connected to any networks. Fortunately, Mi has a setting designed to do just that. Follow the steps below to accomplish this feat.

Step 1

Drag down the top menu and press on the gear-shaped settings icon

Step 2

In the settings menu choose the option that says ‘Portable hotspot‘.

Redmi Note 7 - Change Wireless Settings and  Improve Battery Life

Step 3

Clicking on ‘Portable Hotspot’ opens a new window where you can find various options to set up Wi-Fi hotspot, one-time data limit, manage connected devices, etc. Choose the option that says ‘Automatically Close Hotspot’. Enabling this option as shown in the picture shown below will automatically close the hotspot feature when it is not being used, thus preventing unnecessary loss of battery power. The time taken before turning off the hotspot is roughly ten to fifteen minutes of inactivity.


Automatically turn OFF Wi-Fi

Just like a hotspot, Wi-Fi is also a big battery drainer. Leaving Wi-Fi on even when not using the internet is bound to decrease battery life. Again the MIUI has some nice features to prevent this from happening.Follow the steps below to automatically turn off the Wi-Fi when not in use. Also given are some extra tweaks that you can make to your    Wi-Fi settings to save battery power.

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Step 1

Go to settings and click on Wi-Fi

Step 2

Choose the option Advanced settings. It will take you to a tab with three option that you can use accordingly to save battery life. The 3 options are.

  • ALWAYS ON: If this option is enabled, the Wi-Fi will be connected to a network even when the phone is in sleeping mode causing battery power drainage.
  • ONLY WHEN PLUGGED IN: Turning on this option will cause your Wi-Fi to disconnect once the phone is not being charged. The Wi-Fi will only connect to a network when your Redmi Note 7 is plugged in for charging. This can be a problem and is a major inconvenience. So skip this option as well.
  • NEVER: This is the option that you should turn on to save battery power. It will turn off the Wi-Fi as soon as your phone enters the sleeping mode saving a considerable amount of battery life.

Turn off Wi-Fi Scanning

All the Android phones come with the feature to scan for Wi-Fis automatically and gives you notifications whenever you enter a Wi-Fi zone. This process, however, consumes a good amount of your battery power. The main problem of this feature is that if you haven’t manually turned off this feature, the apps and Google’s location services associated with your Android phones will automatically start searching for nearby Wi-Fi networks even if you have made sure to turn off your Wi-Fi. Follow the steps below to turn off this battery consuming feature.

  • Open Settings
  • Choose the option Wi-Fi
  • In the next tab that opens, choose advanced. It will take you to a screen where you will have an option ‘Scanning always available’as shown in the picture below.Turn this option off to save battery power.
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Battery saving location mode

Your Redmi note 7 uses 3 location modes to determine your exact location. The high accuracy mode, which uses either one of GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile networks to pinpoint your location. Although this mode gives the most accurate location, it consumes a lot more battery than the others because the GPS sensor in your phone uses more power. Hence in order to save battery power, especially during travels, you can use another mode called Battery Saving mode which essentially does not use GPS and collects location information from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile networks to pinpoint your exact location. Since it does not use GPS, it requires less power. Another mode is the Device only mode which uses only the device GPS to provide your location information. To choose the Battery Saving mode,

  • go to Settings->Additional Settings->Privacy->location->Battery saving. Whenever you want to get accurate location information, you can manually turn on the GPS sensor from the menu.
  • Another option that can be turned off from the above menu is the Google Location History which sends information to Google about your location periodically. This is a useless feature for the average Joe and can be turned off to increase battery life.


Whenever you use an Android, you will have to add your Google account to your phone and by default, Google will sync everything associated with your account to your phone. This causes drainage of battery power. This feature should be turned off to increase battery life. YOu can choose to turn off the sync for app data, documents and Google drives as shown in the picture below. You can also untick the option to download attachments from the Gmail app as shown in the picture above. 

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Just like your Google account, your Mi account also does a lot of syncing of data. You can uncheck the back up of apps to cloud as shown in the picture below. You can also choose to sync information less frequently.

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