Xiaomi has released it two major smartphone recently in India, Redmi Note 5 and the Redmi Note 5 pro. Apparently Redmi Note 5 pro is getting all the attention than the Note 5. Let’s have a review of the hot pro smartphone and see if it is overrated or make sense. Let’s do a Redmi Note 5 pro review based on the pros and cons so that will make your life easy to take a decision whether to buy this device or not.

Here’s the quick specifications of Redmi Note 5 pro

Redmi Note 5 Pro Overview


Snapdragon 636 SOC (Octa core processor)

4/6 GB RAM

Adreno 509 GPU

5.99" 18:9 Full HD+ LCD screen

64 GB internal storage

Dual SIM nano (Hybrid micro SD support)

Dual camera on rear side (12MP + 5MP)

Front camera (20 MP Sony IMX376 sensor)

4000 mAh battery

Fingerprint scanner


Pros of Redmi Note 5 Pro (Why You Should Buy the Note 5 Pro?)

Build Quality & Styling

Build quality can be something that you immediately feel when you hold a device. The device feels sturdy and does not make any click sounds while you shake it. It looks like a modern android device majorly because of the new screen aspect ratio 18:9, so they are able to put almost a 6 inch screen. It feels comfortable in the hand though it’s big.

The in-hand feel is superior on this device though has a 6 inch screen and a bit on the heavier side. You dont feel the heaviness or bulkiness whatsoever.

Despite the fact that styling is always a personal preference mostly, this phone looks stylish. As I mentioned earlier, the front looks modern and stylish. If you move towards the rear side, it resembles the iPhone X due to the dual camera setup. Xiaomi could have done something different here especially the antenna design is just plain. Even the antenna design of Mi A1 was still better than this. But overall the product looks clean modern.

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One thing that everyone likes about Xiaomi devices is that they dont skimp on the sensors even if they are producing budget phones. The Redmi Note 5 pro has almost every sensor that  you’ll need including gyroscope, accelerometer, ambient light sensor etc.  Surprisingly but sadly the LED notification light seems to be lit in only one color.


Xiaomi has not changed anything from previous Redmi phones here, just a single speaker on the bottom. But on the other hand the speaker provided is quite loud so you dont have to worry about it. The ringtone volume and the music volume seems to be adequately loud.

Call quality

I have tested the smartphone with Airtel 4G SIM card and I had no issues regarding cellular reception or data connectivity. In fact the cellular reception is better than other smartphones that even an isolated room inside a flat didn’t made any issues to voice calls.

RAM management

The device comes in two variants: 4GB/6GB RAM. Even with 4GB RAM version, I never had a problem with RAM management on the Redmi Note 5 pro. I have done a test with some heavy apps like Games and Facebook, minimizing and invoking in series but all the apps were there in memory all the time.

As Xiaomi is charging almost Rs. 3000 more for the extra 2GB variant, but if you’re a normal user with normal activities 4GB variant is more than enough for you.


Redmi Note 5 comes with the new Snapdragon 636 SOC and the first smartphone which is using that processor, also comes with a new GPU Adreno 509. Performance of the phone is really good with the new processor. I have never faced any lagging, force closes or WAIT messages so far even with heavy games. In terms of general responsiveness it is buttery smooth.

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There’s one thing worth mentioning. When you use this phone continuously for hours in mobile data or playing heavy games, the back side tends to get a little heated up. But even this is within the limited range it never goes up uncontrollably.

Battery life

It has a 4000 mAh battery. In terms of battery life there’s nothing to worry about. Even if you’re sort of a heavy user, it will last you for a full day. But for majority of users it should last for one and a half days  or 2 days easily. You’ll get screen on time over 7 hours.

Performance & gaming

As we have said before the general performance is fantastic so is gaming performance. I have played quite a few games with this device in fact heavy one’s like Modern combat 5. It played all the games seamlessly without any lags whatsoever.


With a dual camera setup, photography is one of the highlighting point of this device. The camera performance is very good. Also in terms of color accuracy it performed better than other smartphones like Mi A1 which is again a dual camera phone.

The front facing camera might be the best in class. It has a 20 MP Sony sensor which its quite nice when you take selfies. In fact it has the portrait mode for selfies even though sometimes the edge detection can be a hit or a miss but can be solved with software updates if Xiaomi cares. Overall the camera performance is satisfying and you will not find any better camera phones in this price range.

Even though the processor supports 4K video recording, Xiaomi restricted it up to 1080p. It may be due to the fact that processor heating while recording 4K.

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Cons: (Why You Should Not Buy the Note 5 Pro)

Only 1080p Video Recording

It does have electronic image stabilization with the video recording which is a good thing but sadly even with 1080p recording the video quality is not up to mark. It struggles with focusing sometimes. But there are possibilities that Xiaomi will work on the video recording part as they have already restricted the 4K recording.


Despite it is a pro smartphone the charge which is supplied in the box is a regular 2 Amps charger. It charges the smartphone fairly quickly. But a video blogger (geeky Ranjit) mentioned in his video that the Redmi Note 5 pro supports fast charging. It depends on what charger you use it. For example, a Mi power bank that supports fast charging could actually fast charge the RN5 pro.

As a pro device, Xiaomi could have bundled a fast charger given the fact that it supports fast charging.

Still a hybrid SIM slot?

Either you can put two SIM cards simultaneously (2 nano SIMs) or one SIM and one SD card. In mid range phones with limited internal storage, it is better to have a dedicated sd card slot since most people uses two SIM cards.

Price difference among variants

Xiaomi is selling the 4GB variant of Redmi note 5 pro at Rs. 13,999 and the 6GB variant at Rs. 17,999. The company charges Rs. 3000 (~$50) for just 2 GB RAM. This makes the 4GB variant the best deal.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 pro








Battery life





  • Great camera
  • Impressive display
  • Great battery life
  • Good build quality
  • Good overall value


  • No Fastcharger bundled
  • Lacks 4K video recording
  • Hybrid SIM slot
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