Finally the popular Redmi device get its part in the whole MIUI 9 update process started by Xiaomi couple of months ago. The news was the Redmi Note 3 will get the update in early December, but the update seems to be two month late. My own RN3 got the update notification today. The download size is around 250 plus MB and It took around 20 minutes to complete the whole update process. So what’s changed? Is there a split screen feature yet? Is the Android version gets updated top Nougat? Lot of questions, let me try to concise here.

Here are my first impressions on the update:

Apps launches significantly faster

Initially I thought it was just change in animations so that it feels faster but it is not. There is really some improvement in loading speed and the response time of the apps. I have tested The MIUI 8vs MIUI 9 both  in Redmi note 3 side by side and confirmed the speed difference. Definitely the new animations has something to do with it, but its not all.

Minor UI changes

There are some UI changes here and there, especially within the system apps and settings, so I guess it will take some time to figure out what has changed in every corner. But so far I have noticed that there is a change in how weather displays along with the clock.

The Messages app has some changes. It now has a clear separation between the pinned messages, Notifications and other messages.Settings has changed  a bit. Now the About phone shows right on top (Xiaomi might have realized the fact that the MIUI users are just obsessed over their phone info  than any other things)

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The recents no longer shows the memory status anymore. It is disabled by default. You can enable it by going to “Home screen & Recents” in settings.

Another interesting change is in the lock screen which now shows a charging progression bar while the phone is connected to charger. Taping on it gives you quick details such as time on battery and last charge etc.

New Apps: Screen recorder & Mi Video

The best thing about this update would be the two new cool apps. The Screen recorder allows you to capture videos of your screen and share it easily than ever. You can get rid of all the buggy third party apps you have been using for this purpose.

Mi Video is another app which has got installed with this update. It works like a charm, and plays whatever you throws at it. The best part is it is completely free from ads and launches very quickly than other video players. This is a huge advantage considering the ads and load time of other apps like MX player.

No Nougat, hence no split screen

It was expected that the Redmi Note 3 is coming without Nougat. Hence Split screen is based on the Nougat kernel, it is a big miss in Redmi Note 3. Considering the time it took to get MIUI 9 into Redmi Note 3, it is very unlikely that company would ever push Nougat update on this device.

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