Redmi phones have conquered the sub-continent market quicker than any other brand had been able to do. The price, specs included at the lowest price possible, etc are a few characteristics that attracted the average consumers to the Xiaomi phones. One of the latest models from Xiaomi is the Redmi 8A. Some users of the phone have complained about the screen freeze problems occurring regularly and in this article, we suggest a few quick fixes to solve this problem.

Redmi 8A

The steps mentioned below also work for other Redmi phones which use Android version 8.0 and above. The 8A uses the Android 9.0 version. If the phone freezes with the screen turned on or stop responding, you may try the following steps to stop this from happening again. You will need to restart after trying each step to see if the problem is solved.

Switch off and Restart

This is the traditional method of seeing if a problem is fixed with any electronic device.

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”. For all, you beginners out there, press the power button for about 10 seconds for the phone to switch off and restart.


Updating your phone

All the updates from the manufacturer bring in new improvements and bug fixes. Along with providing maximum security updates, preventing the bugs that cause the screen to freeze is a major reason to always keep your OS up to date. The normal way to update most smartphones is through the settings app. The update option most probably will be found in the Systems tab.

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Low Storage Problem

Your phone should always have more than 20% of free storage space for it to function smoothly. Once it goes below about 10% space, it will start to have problems like apps hanging mid-use or the screen completely freezing. You can use third-party apps to clear the clutter on your phone or do it manually from the Storage tab in your settings app.

Resetting your phone.

Factory resetting your phone to its original state might solve some problems. The important thing to remember before factory resetting your phone is to back up your data. All the apps will be uninstalled and only the information backed up on google will remain unless you move all your files to external storage space.

Free your RAM

Freeing up RAM will remove all the background applications, thus improving the overall performance of the phone. You will also be able to force stop the apps to temporarily stop the working of apps in the background.

Move Apps from Internal to External Memory

The default memory location for most apps will be the internal phone memory. After a while, internal memory will be packed with apps. A good way to save internal memory is to transfer the apps to the SD card.


Installing Antivirus

Another reason for the phone screen freezing may be the phone being infected with virus programs. Installing Antivirus to scan and remove infected apps may stop the phone from freezing.

Following the steps above will improve the system performance and reduce the bugs that cause problems like the screen freezing.

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