One of most embarrassing moments you have in your life is right after you send a shameful message to someone or to a WhatsApp group which you are in. I have a friend who shared adult videos to a family group and still regrets the moment. At least once in your life with mobile phones you should have thought about recalling your message. Yes, there will be no more regrets once you get the WhatsApp update for the long awaited message recall feature – or as WhatsApp call it – Delete For Everyone.

How to get this feature in my WhatsApp?

Well, You need to update your WhatsApp to latest version to enjoy this feature.

How to revoke a message in WhatsApp

Revoking a message you sent to a contact is simplified in use, you just have to tap on the message(s) and tap the Delete icon. You will be notified with 3 options DELETE FOR ME, CANCEL and DELETE FOR EVERYONE. Once you do that, the recipient chat box will show “This message was deleted” and the contents will not be shown anymore.

how to recall whatsapp message

The third option will delete the WhatsApp message from both sides even if they had seen it. This feature is applicable to the messages you share/send to a group or individual chat. This is very useful if the message contain unintended information which you dont want the other person to know about.

after recalling a message

Well, there is one restriction to this feature. You can only delete messages to a contact or a group chat for upto 7 minutes after sending. If you try to hit the trash can icon after this time span, you will not find the Delete for Everyone icon.

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The feature is definitely useful and everyone will love having, some people argue that deleting a message which is already sent will create unwanted issues in the lives of people who are in relationships. Most of the times the recipient will be curious about the message which she/he couldn’t read and will leave doubts in the relationship – they pointed out.

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