I have seen many smartphone users complaining in forums and communities that their devices are not getting charged properly even if they connected to charger for a long time. Here, we will discuss why this is happening and how we can resolve this issue.

Reasons behind your device is not getting charged:

If your smartphone stopped charging after battery reaching certain percentage – we can easily assume that its a software bug. But for many others the issue could simply be charging slowly. Most likely cause are:

  1. Damaged charger
  2. Damaged USB cable
  3. Issue with wall socket
  4. Voltage variations
  5. Hardware issue related to device charging module
  6. Your phone is overheating so the rate of discharge is more than current inflow.

In order to find out why this is happening to your phone, there are some apps out there in Google Play Store  which is specifically designed for grabbing the maximum information about charging of your device. One such app is called  “Ampere” which is available in Play Store for free.

Battery charging status ampere app

Ampere really helps you out in finding out the following things easily:

  • Is your phone charging?
  • How much it has charged
  • How much current is drawn by your device while charging
  • How much current is supplied by the charger

Battery charging status ampere app

If your device is charging, the amount of current in milli ampere your device is consuming should be less than the supplied charging current from the charger. If the difference is very less, it is more likely that your device will charge slowly. The app will show a green indication if your device is charging as usual, otherwise an orange minus number.

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How can I fix the charging issue?

There are number of things you can do before replacing your charger.

  1. Check your wall sockets with a tester  multimeter or a incandescent lamp to make sure that the supply is stable and consistent.
  2. Check your USB cable. After a while cables will get worn out near the connector and results in inconsistent power supply which will lead to slow charging or not charging at all.

If you made sure that the issue is with charger, you can opt for replacing it. NEVER EVER BUY DUPLICATE CHARGER for your smartphone. Alternative chargers can be very economical but is not always the best choice for today’s smartphone. Even if they labelled exactly same current and voltage specifications, current supply from cheap chargers tend to vary frequently which will damage your smartphone internals. So ALWAYS USE ORIGINAL CHARGER.

Tip: Do not play graphic intensive games while charging your phone. Heavy games takes up lot of resources such as CPU and graphics which basically drains the phones battery a lot. So if the battery is getting charged while it drains heavily results in overheating.


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