Read WhatsApp Messages Without Opening the App – MiUI

Recently I bought one Xiaomi device – Redmi Note 3 from amazon and have been using this device for 1 month. I personally like MiUI due to:

1. Its immense power to customize the phone according to  your way of use

2.  Faster response

3. Inbuilt Theme App, Wallpapers – So easy to change the styles.

4. You can change the display settings to a level where you can actually change colours and saturation and adjust it manually.

Though this UI is pretty heavily customized and easy to use –  I find lack of an app drawer which Xiaomi can consider adding in future releases. And also as an ex-HTC user I used to easily read the whatsapp notifications  without opening the application so that the person in the other end does not even know whether you read the message or not. This way you can actually reply to a message if it requires, or ignore it without hurting the other person 🙂

I thought Xiaomi MiUI really lacked this because when it comes to notifications, It was really not showing all the details of it. It just shows one chat, it the person sends you two chats, it just shows “2 unread messages”. That was really not great. But I was under-estimating this UI. You can actually view all the chats without opening the app.  Its just a hidden feature I would say (But actually it is not – I  was unaware) pinch with two fingers outwards and you will get all details regarding that notification. So by doing it actually you are expanding the notification and viewing maximum messages (or details) of it.

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I found this really helpful to get info about an event or getting details of a running process so thought of sharing it since there is no visible button for doing it so kind of hidden. Also you can discard all the notifications  by just pressing on the “X” placed on the bottom of the panel.

NOTE: Redmi Note 3/Note 4 has became more powerful after Xiaomi has updated to MIUI 8. Read about some cool MIUI 8 tips that will make your life easy.

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Comments (17)

  1. Thankyou so much… I was missing this feature.. But now issue resolved…

  2. Can I also reply without open whatsapp application???

    1. No. Its a default feature available from android nought onwards. I m pretty sure that you will get this feature in miui 9.

  3. VERY HELPFUL ! Thanks mate, I am also an ex-HTC user (htc one m8 t-mobile android 6.0)

  4. Really Helpfull…i v been note 4 for 3 months…but i learned how to read in notification…thanxx a lot !!!

  5. Great man

  6. Thank you! Had been missing out on this feature for so long! Its very helpful

  7. Thank u vry much,,, helpful

  8. Thanks. I was missing this feature.

  9. Awesome. Thanks.
    Adoption to Mi is difficult. Help with this.

  10. really thanks this is very helpful for me 🙂

  11. Awesome, thnx. Was missing this feature

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your discovery. I was missing this feature and spent a lot of time searching for it. As you said, the feature is there. Am so pleased. Thank you.

  13. Just swipe down the whatsapp messages with TWO fingers from the notification bar. It will show the content of the message. Also you can reply there without opening the app.

  14. I’m not getting any notifications related to updates of mi note 4 mine is miui 8.5 stable is there any newer version rather than this

  15. Thank you so much. I have been using for a year and hadn’t discovered this feature. I wonder why haven’t they given the default view as the expanded one.

  16. Awesome. This is really helpful. Thank you. But in my redmi note 4. MiUI 9, the feature only show first row of every message. So if messages longer than one row, only first row that can be seen. Any suggestions if we would like to see the whole message?

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