You can find a thousand quotes creator apps in the Google Play store. But it lacks a quote creator app with unlimited backgrounds, features such as organized quotes collection, allowing the user to save the quotes, editing features etc all in one app. Here comes a QuoteCreator App from Technicles which would give all the above benefits with minimal ads for free.

Sounds interesting?, You heard it right. Rapid Quotes is finally available for Android. Let me first introduce you the features this quote maker app is going to provide you:

  • Built-in quotes background search engine to design your quotes
  • Collection of over 4000 Quotes
  • Easy text editing: Edit size, alignment, make Bold/Italic, line spacing, text color etc
  • 100+ Fonts to choose from
  • Edit images: Add blur, vignette, change brightness, contrast, saturation, hue etc
  • Allows you to save your own quotes and access them later and add it to your work.
  • Templates for quick quotes design: Over 50 templates included
  • Allows you to save your own templates
  • Random Quotes generator: Swipe through quotes with images and it is generated unlimitedly

Download Rapid Quotes From Google Play 

All these features are available in the free version of Rapid Quotes. You don’t have to pay for backgrounds that is downloaded using the app. If you want to remove the ads completely, you can buy the premium version which will not only remove the ads but the Rapid Quotes branding watermark too.

Let’s look at these features in detail

The main screen of the app is where you do your quote design. It has buttons on the bottom which lets you create your wonderful quotes very easily. You can start by clicking on the + icon which will collapse to give you more options such ass add quotes, add a background color, add a background image from gallery or search for a background image. By default, a template image will be set as your background image. You can change the template by clicking the first button on the bottom icon.

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Selecting background

Searching for background images is just as easy as a google image search. All you do is just enter the topic (maybe something related to your quote) and you should see the results right away. This app uses pixabay images are under Creative Commons CC0 license and free to use.


Additionally, you can perfect the background image so it looks better with a quote on it. Some images might be too bright so that a white color text may not get enough focus. You can fix this by reducing the brightness or contrast of the image. Similarly, you can add blur or vignette effects to add more focus to the text while designing the quote.

Editing the text

You can edit the text added by taping on the text edit icon on the bottom. Optionally you can increase or decrease the font size by pinch-zooming the text. Also drag the text around to see a perfect spot for the text.

Selecting the font is easy. Tap on the font selection icon and you can choose from hundreds of fonts and the variants. You can try various fonts to see which one suits your image the best.

Quotes Collection

Rapid Quotes Quote maker has a large collection of quotes. These are organized in such a way that you can find the quotes you like very easily. Quotes can be explored either by the author or by category. Additionally, you can search through the collection or authors to get the perfect quote for you.

Random quotes

The random quotes generator is when you don’t have enough time for you to create your own quote but you are in search for something to post in your status. This random quote generator feature will generate quotes randomly picking the template images and styles automatically. This makes each quote looking stylish and you can instantly share it to Instagram or WhatsApp status. Additionally, you can edit the generated quote make changes before posting.

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