Publishing/Sharing YouTube Downloader Apps is Against Adsense Policies

A few days ago, Adsense ad serving to one of my site was disabled. When I notice this, I checked my adsense account and saw one message that instruct me to make changes to my site within 3 days. Unfortunately I missed this message and after 3-4 days, adsense has been disabled for my blog. The actual problem was, I published an article that describes various apps for android phones to download YouTube videos.It is not even legal to download YouTube videos. I was not aware of such things and accidentally my site get blocked showing ads from adsense.


I removed the affected page that they’ve specified and filed a policy violation appeal with necessary notes on what changes are made on my site. Within two days, ad-serving to my site was restored.

According to adsense policies, we are not allowed to post or give links to abuse of any Google products. their message says:

GOOGLE PRODUCT ABUSE: Publishers are not permitted to promote the abuse of any Google product, such as YouTube, Orkut, or Blogger. This includes providing the means to circumvent the policies of these or other Google products, such as by allowing users to download YouTube videos.

I share this with you that make immediate changes to your site as an adsense publisher, if you’re published any of this kind of materials on your blog or website. Otherwise Google will catch you one day for policy violation. anyway I realized that, in order to use adsense you’ve to read and understand their program policies or otherwise you wont be successful with adsense.

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