Bluetooth speakers are the new trend when it comes to modern standards of acoustic experiences. The age-old versions of speakers with their entangled wires and the need for a power outlet every time you want to play some loud music are long gone. With the most modern technologies, Bluetooth wireless speakers offer the obvious advantages of portability and compactness without having to reduce the quality of your audio experience. A wide variety of wireless portable speakers are available in the market but here we compare two drum models with the incredible battery life that are a level above the rest namely. The comparison between the Portronics Sound Drum and the Sound One Sound Drum is based on the four major performance characteristics that should be taken into account while purchasing a speaker namely the Design, the Sound Quality, the Connectivity, and the Battery Life.

Portronics SoundDrum vs Sound One Drum

Portronics SoundDrum vs Sound One Drum Bluetooth Speaker Comparison


Features Portronics SoundDrum Sound One Drum
Bluetooth version 4.2 4.2
Battery 1800mAh 2000mAh
FM Yes Yes
3.5mm Jack Yes Yes
Waterproof Yes Yes.IPX5 rating.
weight 422 grams 649 grams
Audio Wattage 10W 10W
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The Portronics Sound Drum is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that is both compacts in size and has a rugged matty finish for its exterior. You will be able to enjoy your music both wirelessly and without worrying about damaging the speaker in dusty and moist atmospheres.

The water resistance feature of the speaker, however, must not be misused. It can only withstand light rainfall or splashes of water. Do not immerse it or drop it in the water hoping to check its durability. You just wouldn’t have to worry about it being damaged while taking it to one of your beach/pool parties or even water spills at your own home.

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Resistance from dust and water is definitely a plus point for the Portronics Sound Drum.

Comparing to the Portronics model, The Sound One sound drum also comes with an impressive IPX5 rating making it splash/rain and dust proof. Similar to the former model, the Sound one also can only resist moderate splashes and spills of water and should never be expected to survive after being submerged either partially or fully in water. Comparing the physical size and weight, both ‘drums’ are very similar to the cylindrical shapes.

Both of them have rugged matty exterior finishing with the Portronics model weighing around 420 grams, while the Sound One version is slightly on the heavier side weighing around 650 grams.


The Portronics drum speaker comprises of two powerful speakers each having a power rating of 5W each. The acoustic experience is amazing. The sound was crystal clear and emphasized more on the mids and bass. But not much clarity for high sounds compared to mids and bass. The Sound One drum provides a very good HD audio experience at an impressive volume. Like the Portron, the bass and mid sounds are clear and crisp. But the advantage of Sound One over Portronics is that the sound drum has better sound clarity for highs without distortions making it a sure shot party material.

The Sound One model also comprises of 10 W speakers producing banging bass. It is equipped with two 5 cm drivers and a passive radiator for producing some banging bass making it a clear winner when it comes to sound quality. It is powered by the amazing Boat sound technology that amplifies your music at the same time reducing any echos or noises present.

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The noise canceling feature is a big plus for any speaker.


Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology, both the Portronics sound drum and Sound One drum provides a range of 10 meters. They both even have the option to connect an aux cable so you wouldn’t have to be disappointed with your CD players and other devices without a Bluetooth connection. Amazingly they have a pen drive slot which is quite rare among wireless Bluetooth speakers.

To make matters even more astonishing, the product comes with an in-built antenna which lets you enjoy FM radio on your speaker. Both models also equip yet another amazing feature in the form of a micro SD card slot that can be accessed using a card reader.


Comprised of a powerful 1800mAh Li-ion battery, the Portronics Bluetooth speaker drum can play non stop 7 hours of music at 80% volume which makes it a worthwhile addition to your gadgets for all you musicophiles out there. It would take roughly one to two hours to fully charge the battery.

Meanwhile, the Sound One Portable Bluetooth speaker is equipped with an even more powerful 2000mAh Li-ion battery that will allow you to play up to 8 hours of music at full volume.


Judging from all the specifications and after analyzing the performance of both the models, it is safe to say the Sound One Sound Drum is marginally better than the Portronics model when it comes to sound clarity and battery life. A relatively newer model in the market compared to the more popular Portronics model, purchasing the Sound One model for the salient features is clearly worth the risk.

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