Wireless speakers use the Bluetooth technology to play music from your smartphones, tablets or PCs without having to physically connect your speaker to the device using wires. Neither do these speakers require a power outlet nearby for working as they use rechargeable batteries that can last at least five hours on the go. The advantage of buying a bluetooth speaker is pretty simple and obvious. They are portable and convenient to use than wired speakers. Here we compare two wireless speakers from Portronics and JBL namely the Portronics sound drum and the JBL GO2. We will compare the main parameters like design, sound quality, connectivity, and battery life that will help you pick one of the two.


Features Portronics SoundDrum JBL GO2
Battery 1800mAH 730mAh
Battery Life 7 hours 5 hours
Aux port Yes Yes
Bluetooth version 4.2 4.1
FM and SD card slot Yes No
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The major design features that you should take into account while buying a wireless speaker is its size, portability and in general the overall appearance. A wireless speaker should be convenient to use and efficient in its usage.

The GO 2 model from JBL has an IPX7 waterproof rating which means it is capable of surviving heavy splashes of water and can be easily used in surroundings susceptible to water spills like beaches or pools. The waterproof housing helps to protect it from splashes and spills.

The Portronics sound drum and JBL GO 2 both are equipped with a control panel for its operation on the outer cover itself. The JBL GO 2 weighs about 184 grams whereas the Portronics sound drum weighs about 420 grams. The Portronics model does not have the same impact when it comes to water resistance as the GO2. It can only withstand slight spills compared to the JBL GO2 which you can afford to even drop in the water.

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Both models come in a compact size and have a rugged matty finish on its housing.


The Portronics drum speaker comprises of two powerful speakers each having a power rating of 5W each. The acoustic experience is amazing. The sound was crystal clear and emphasized more on the mids and bass. But not much clarity for high sounds compared to mids and bass.

Go 2 have active noise canceling or noise reduction features intact. They even have a microphone installed so that you wouldn’t have to disconnect the speaker from your smartphone for attending voice calls. This is a welcome addition to the new range of speakers solving the headache of disconnecting and reconnecting Bluetooth every time a voice call comes in your smartphones.


Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology, both the Portronics sound drum provides a range of 10 meters. They both even have the option to connect an aux cable so you wouldn’t have to be disappointed with your CD players and other devices without a Bluetooth connection. Amazingly the sound drum has a pen drive slot which is quite rare among wireless Bluetooth speakers which are not found in JBL GO2.

To make matters even more astonishing, the Portronics model comes with an in-built antenna which lets you enjoy FM radio on your speaker. This feature is not available in GO2. The sound drum is also equipped with a micro SD card slot that can be accessed using a card reader. You can connect a 3.5 mm Audio Jack on both devices.


Comprised of a powerful 1800mAh Li-ion battery, the Portronics Bluetooth speaker drum can play non stop 7 hours of music at 80% volume which makes it a worthwhile addition to your gadgets for all you musicophiles out there.

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It would take roughly one to two hours to fully charge the battery.GO 2 is powered by a 730mAh battery. It would take around 2.5 hours for a single full charge of its battery.The JBL GO 2 model gives a mere 5 hours battery back up.


Costing five hundred rupees less than the JBL GO2, the Portronics SoundDrum is the better choice of the two. Coming with a lot of extra features like FM, SD card slot, etc, the only part the sound drum may lack is the water resistance feature is not as full proof as the GO2 possesses. Judging based on all the above parameters, the Portronics Sound Drum is definitely bang for the bucks and a better choice than the JBL GO2.

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