Play Android Games On Windows 7|8 or Mac

Do you ever wanted to play games on your android phone on your windows or Mac PC?. Then Android emulators will come to help you. You can play your android games or run android apps on windows or mac platform. According to the developer BlueStacks gives you more than 750,000 apps to run on your computer. BlueStacks is a ready to download software that installs on your PC and turn your computer into a virtual android smartphone.

How to Install BlueStacks

Just like any other software you can download Blue Stacks app player from their website (Download Bluestacks). From the website, you can get the software which is compatible to Windows 8/7 or another version for Apple Mac OSX. After installation, BlueStacks may take up to 1 Hour to download run time data during the first run. After that you’ll get a window which is your virtual smartphone.

BlueStacks Downloading runtime data

Please note that apps running in Bluestack aren’t fast as running in your mobile phone or tablet because it has to provide an emulation layer which requires higher processing power. So Lower-end PCs may experience problems with this application.

Play your Android games and Run apps on Windows / Mac


When its completes installation, you’ll get a window like this. You can toggle full screen by tapping the icon on the bottom right. First, you’ve to add your Google account. To do this go to settings (clicking Gear icon) and hit Manage accounts > Add account. Enter your Google email and password to add account.

Some top apps and games are listed in the Top charts but you can download apps and games from play store. To do this click on the search icon, and the type the application name. When its got listed, click install. It may take some time to start the download. Don’t worry.

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After installation you can run it by clicking on the Icon My Apps.


You can try many other apps like twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook app is already there.

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