If you are looking for a comparison between the popular budget Bluetooth wireless speakers, here you go. We are going to to compare two popular wireless speakers today. JBL Go Vs Philips BT50B Bluetooth speakers are best sellers among other choices like Logitech X50, Logitech X100, Mi Bluetooth speaker etc. Let us find out the reason why these Bluetooth speakers are well rated and which is better.

Here’s a quick comparison table shows the specifications and price of both wireless speakers.

Specifications Philips BT50B
Power Rating (RMS) 2 Watt 3 Watt
Weight 90 Grams 130 Grams
Average music playing time Up to 6 hours Up to 5 hours
Microphone No Yes
Price ₹ 1,428.00 ₹ 1,899.00
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The above table should give an idea about the basic specs of both devices. Now let us have a review of both wireless speakers each.

Read the following comparison if you’re interested

Philips BT50B Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

You must be surprised for how small this wireless speaker is. As evident from the above table, it is one of the smallest and lightest wireless Bluetooth speakers available. The low dimensions and weight (90 grams) makes it perfect for portable use – you can easily keep it in your pocket.

When it comes to sound output, Philips BT50B has low power output hence you wont feel the thumping bass like you hear on JBL Go or Logitech X100. But the sound quality is perfect for listening, it never stutters or saturate the amps even at high volumes.

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For connectivity, Bluetooth connection can stay live for 10 meters. You can connect any micro USB mobile charger to charge the speaker. You have in aux-cable input to source your speaker with songs.

Battery in BT50B stays active up to 6 hours in paper but in practicality it lasts for 5 and half hours if you put music with 75% loudness continuously.

One major drawback of Philips BT50B is the lack of microphone. However if you are searching for a wireless speaker that wont cost you not more than Rs. 1500, Philips BT50B is a good choice.

JBL Go Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to durability and thumping bass, JBL is the King. JBL Go has bigger dimensions and weights more than Philips. But its square box type design makes it easier to carry than the cylindrical design of BT50B.

JBL Go has best sound output both in terms of power and quality. It outputs at 3W so definitely better than Philips. Especially the base response can be differentiated easily on JBL Go as it is very good compared to Philips BT50B.

Just like Philips, JBL also has got both micro USB charger port as well as auxiliary audio input in addition to Bluetooth  connectivity. Also, a microphone is present in JBL Go. This means you can attend calls using this speaker without having to disconnect the Bluetooth connection from your smartphone.

In terms of battery backup, JBL Go surprisingly lasts for 5 hours. This is very good considering a speaker of small size. However battery back up will reduce considerably if you keep the volume at really high levels.

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