This post talks about true dual 4G VoLTE support on your smartphones. Occasionally people ask about smartphones which support true dual 4G VoLTE, but the recent trends in mobile carriers carried into by Jio, I think there is a requirement of smartphones that support VoLTE on both the sim cards. Sadly, as of now we hardly have smartphones which support 4G VoLTE on both sim cards.

What do you mean by dual 4G VoLTE?

Many of the smartphones claim that they have dual 4G but these smartphones should need your VoLTE sim card as the primary one. If you don’t set that it simply does not work. We talk about true 4G VoLTE, we mean it should work in wither sim slots.

For example, I have two sim cards, both support VoLTE. In a smartphone as of today, only one sim card VoLTE can be used since only single sim supports VoLTE. If you have two sim cards which support VoLTE, you must need a smartphone which supports 4G VoLTE on dual sim cards. Even the Galaxy s9 plus does not support it.

By doing a little research on true dual 4G VoLTE, I found out that in 2017, MediaTek had launched few SoC’s that actually has native support for true dual 4G VoLTE. For example, they had launched MediaTek MT6739 onwards, ie Helio P23, Helio P60 etc all have native support this. From a bit of digging revealed that MediaTek was the first company to provide 4G VoLTE technology for smartphones.

The good part about this is that we should be seeing some true dual 4G VoLTE in the Indian market and it will not just be restricted to high-end smartphones. Even mid-range smartphones and budget range smartphones will get this true VoLTE feature soon.

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Advantages of true dual 4g VoLTE in smartphones

The call connects fast & HD call support from either sim card

If you have used Jio sim card from a VoLTE supported smartphone, you would have noticed how fast the call connects, also the clarity of the voice. With dual VoLTE, your calls will connect lot faster also you can easily make video calls with HD quality.

NOTE: currently there are few Qualcomm chipsets which support dual 4G VoLTE but they charge a high premium hence they are restricted to only high-end smartphones. The good thing is that with these MediaTek chipsets, the dual 4G VoLTE will come into low-cost smartphones too.

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