Mozilla’s HTML5-Based Flash Player Shumway Lands in Firefox Nightly

Shumway is known as attempt from Mozilla to replace the current flash player and build a new  HTML-5 based technology experiment. In their website they’re saying Shumway is an an HTML5 technology experiment to create a general-purpose, web standards-based platform for parsing and rendering SWFs.  Anyway, this web-native flash renderer has landed in the Mozilla Firefox latest Nightly builds.


 Mozilla started working in this new project from late 2012, and  they’ve released an extension to actually experience it. In the newer Nightly builds of Firefox, it is no yet activated but we have to do it by typing about:config.  Even without installing Firefox Nightly latest, you can experience it and look at the capabilities via going to Shumway inspector page.

The mozilla continues to replace adobe products as they’ve already replaced Adobe Reader from the default PDF reader by their pdf.js which is an HTML-5 technology experiment.

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