A common problem with all devices from mobile phones to personal computers is that they get slower with time. This is because its memory is filled with apps or software that causes the CPU to work more than it should, causing the system to hang or heat up. This can be avoided in smartphones by transferring your apps to an external SD card. Newer phones have the option to ” adopt” the SD card as the internal memory. For older Android phones, there is no straight forward option to move apps from internal memory to SD card. For the phones that do not have this feature, you can use the following apps to transfer the rest of the apps to the SD card.

Best Apps to Move Apps from Internal Memory to SD Card


move apps from internal memory to sd card

Link2SD is the best app available on the Google Playstore used to move applications to SD card. It can be used for every Android version above 2.0. It employs a lot of cool features like

  • You will be able to link various types of files like apk, dex, lib to the SD card.
  • There is an option to link the internal data of the already existing apps to the SD card.
  • Also, the files that can be linked to the SD card are the external data and obb folders of apps and games.
  • You can link dex files that are the files of system apps to the SD card.
  • This app can be used to auto clear the cache service.
  • If you need to link every newly installed app on the phone to the SD card, this app has an option to do just that.
  • You will be able to move any user apps to SD even though the app doesn’t support moving to the memory card. This is termed as “force move” in the app.
  • It shows the apps that support the move to the memory card without being forced.
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AppMgr III

move apps from internal memory to sd card

AppMgr III  has a simple UI and is packed with some impressive features. It allows you to do the following functions on your smartphone.

  • You can move the apps to an external SD card to free up your internal memory.
  • This app can be used to hide your apps like the built-in apps from the app drawer.
  • You can freeze apps so that they won’t continue to use the CPU and thereby improving the phone’s performance.
  • It functions as an app manager where you will be allowed to uninstall the apps in batches.
  • It can provide you with notifications when some movable app has been installed in the internal memory.
  • The cache can be cleared using a single tap.
  • You can export the app list and also install apps from an exported app list.
  • A simple drag and drop method for easily uninstalling apps is also available.

You can use the app without ads if you purchase the PRO version.

Install Apps On Sd Card

transfer apps from internal memory to sd card
This app can be used to transfer your apps from the internal memory to the SD card in a quick session. You can also move the audio and video files to the SD card as well. With the latest versions of Android phones, you will be able to make your SD card as internal storage. But for the older versions, you will need apps like this to free up your internal memory. The app comes with some amazing features.

The app does what it is supposed to do. The interface is simple but it is not intuitive. The apps can be transferred by selecting their directory and not from a list of names.

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move apps from internal memory to sd card

App2SD is able to move apps to a memory card without any hazle. The app works fine on all devices. However, if you are using a low-end phone, the app may freeze up for you. It has some impressive features.

  • The lists all installed apps on your phone.
  • You can move apps to the SD card.
  • You will be able to view app info in detail.
  • It can uninstall apps easily.
  • If you want to force stop an app, App2SD can be used.
  • You do not require root permissions in order to change the install location.

Move Apps

move apps from internal memory to sd card



This app has an easily usable UI and does the job it is supposed to do cleanly and without hanging your phone. Follow the steps below to move an app from the internal memory to the SD card.

  • First of all, you will have to go to the internal memory location.
  • Next, select the app that you want to move to the SD card.
  • Then you have to press the thumb icon on the top side of the menu.
  • Then select move option.

You will have to be careful to not remove the SD card from your phone. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the transferred apps.

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