Bluetooth headphone comparisons never ends.Companies like Motorola and Boat are adding the heat to the market by launching new models. The Motorola Pulse Escape is a fairly new Bluetooth headphone with stunning looks and countless features. If you are searching for wireless bluetooth headsets under at a budget range, Motorola Pulse Escape, Boat Rockerz 400, Boat Rockerz  600  would be worth looking at. These are the best selling quality wireless headphones at price range less than ₹3000.

Let us do a comparison between these three popular models. First, the table shows a quick comparison between Motorola Pulse Escape and Boat Rockerz 400 and 600. From this, you will get an idea of the major specifications features and price.

Comparison of Motorola Pulse Escape, Boat Rockerz 400,Boat Rockerz 600 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Model Weight
Discount Link to buy
Boat Rockerz 400 109 grams 250mAh (8 hours of playback) Yes ₹1,499.00
Motorola Pulse Escape 399 grams Up to 106 hours playtime Yes 2,249.00
Boat Rockerz 600 290 grams 300mAh Yes ₹2,199.00

The main advantage with all the above wireless headphones is that we can use them in wired mode as well. This means all of the above headphones comes with an aux cable which can be connected to your phone (or audio source) to play the music. This will help you to use this device even if its battery drained out. You can charge it later to continue using it as wireless headphones using bluetooth.

Let us look at each of them to have a quick review

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Boat Rockerz 400 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

If you want a cheap wireless earphones with good audio quality and dynamic range, Boat Rockerz 400 might be the perfect fit. It never fails me to impress with its price to performance ratio. Some people complains that the ear muffles are a bit tighter but can get used to it with couple of days usage. You might want to think twice if your head size is bigger than normal.

You will get a Bluetooth range up to 6 meters if there are no major obstacles in between. When it comes to mic quality, it struggles a bit when you use it outdoors.

Motorola Pulse Escape Wireless Headphones

The best thing about buying this is the discount percent that you are getting – 62%. For a price around 2.5k (INR) you will get wireless headphones from a known brand. As  they advertise, it provides noise cancellation better than other headsets, so it blocks all the unwanted background noise. It is a bit on the heavier side (~ 400 grams), but it adds up to the build quality overall.

The wireless range can be up to 60 feet which is more than sufficient. Some people complains that not all the phone functions like mute, pause are working for them.

BoAt Rockerz 600 Bluetooth Headphones

What makes this one unique from the Rockerz 600 is the special ear cup that doubles as a control panel. Also, the style and usability is way better than the its cheap brother. The battery on this one has a 300 mAh, you will be able to get up to 8 hours of misc play back.

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The audio quality is top notch, the super extra bass technology does a significant job of providing rhythmic bass without outputting noise.

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