Motorola Pace 100 and Boat BassHeads 100 are two of the best low budget in-ear earphones available in the market. Coming in at just under four hundred rupees, they are the top-selling earphones of this price range. But which one is better? Here we compare Motorola Pace 100 vs Boat Bassheads 100 for all the specifications of the two earphones to help you decide which one to purchase.

compare Motorola Pace 100 vs Boat Bassheads 100


Features Motorola Pace 100 Boat Bassheads 100
Noise Cancellation Yes No
Deep No Yes
Headphone Jack 3.5 mm 3.5 mm
Inline Remote Yes Yes
Earphone type In the ear In the ear
Mic Yes Yes
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Motorola Pace 100

This budget earphones from Motorola are small but powerful. The sound quality is extremely good for the price range. However, there is no deep bass. Expecting good bass from an earphone in this price range of 400INR is too much. It does come with a microphone.

The Motorola pace 100 also lets you access Alexa. This in-ear model headset also has inline remote controls. Although heavy should not be expected, this wired headset does provide a rich bass and crystal clear sound. The earphone is supported by a 10mm driver and has 1.2m cable. It has a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are enabled for these earphones. The earbuds that come with the product are a perfect fit and extra buds also arrive with the purchase.

The quality of the 3.5mm jack is a bit disappointing though. Sometimes it pops out of the port. The sound quality, when compared to Boat BassHeads, is also not better.

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Boat BassHeads 100

The budget earphones from Boat, the Boat Bass Heads 100 has a one-button universal remote for answering and managing calls. The in earphone headset also has inline remote controls. It connects using a 3.5 mm Headphone Jack and is powered by a 10mm driver. Speaker has 32-ohm impedance and is lightweight at just 36 grams. The chord length is 1.2 meters.

The Hawk styled earphones add value in terms of fashion as well. Style with performance is guaranteed at just 400INR. The earphones fit perfectly as well. It fits you so well without hurting your ears and the perfect arc of the model with a variety of ear tips adds to the comfort. You can use this earphone for long hours without any ear fatigue. The sound is crystal clear.

As the name of the earphones suggests, this one has better bass performance compared to the Motorola version. Inbuilt noise isolation mic helps during phone calls. The build quality of the earphones is top-notch and it is also proven to be durable. Compared to Sennheiser CX 180 which almost costs double the price, the sound quality is amazing for an earphone in this price range.

The mic is of good quality and since that is one portion where the budget earphones usually slack off, the mic quality of Boat BassHeads score points here. You will be able to play or pause music or even answer or end phone calls with a single click. You can skip forward while playing music using two clicks. And you can trackback while playing music using three clicks.

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Judging two low budget earphones is not easy. There are not many specifications to go through and compare. Since both costs around four hundred rupees, one should only expect minimal sound quality from both. But in between them, the Boat Bassheads stands out due to its superior bass and overall sound clarity compared to the Motorola Pace 100. So if you are looking for powerful yet cheap earphones to listen to music on, go for the model from Boat.

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