Mivi, An electronics and accessories company has recently released a wireless ( Bluetooth) speaker in India called the Mivi Octave. As advertised, Mivi Octave is a 16W Bluetooth speaker but from the looks of it, it’s like a mini home pod.  There is a  large variety of Bluetooth speakers available in India both budgets oriented like the JBL Go or the Logitech X100 which will cost you with 2000-3000 and premium ones like the Bose soundlink which can go beyond 10000-15000. Of course, the Mivi Octave comes in the former category, it is available at both Mivi online shopping site and Amazon for Rs. 2999. Is it worth buying? Let’s have a look at its main features, pros and cons etc

Mivi Octave Bluetooth speaker Features

  • 8W x 2 speakers (Peak output: 16W)
  • 2600 mAh built-in rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth V4.2
  • Weight: 318 grams
  • IP rating: IPX5 splash resistant
  • Bluetooth range: 30 feet
  • Charger required: 5Volts 1A
  • Battery life: 6-8 hours


The speaker itself is pretty tiny, it fits within your hand perfectly, cylindrical in shape on the side some buttons are provided for volume plus, minus power as well as play/pause. Also, if you press and hold the plus or minus button, it acts as a forward or rewind button respectively. On the bottom side, it has a charging port as well as a 3.5 mm aux connector to connect audio input from your audio sources such as smartphone or radio. Overall, the design looks very good, and in terms of portability it beats the other speakers and fits even in your pocket without any issues.

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Wireless range

As mentioned in the specs, it has Bluetooth version 4.2, in terms of range, you will not find any issues if you use it within your house unless you live in a big mansion and you walk around too often. The device can easily stay connected if you go to the neighboring room but if you go to the third room, the sound will start stutter and it will disconnect sometimes.

Battery life

Battery life directly depends on how much volume you are playing the songs in. If you play the songs very loudly always, you will get roughly about 4 hours but if you keep the volume below 75% as I do normally, you can get up to 6-7 hours.

IPX rating

Sometimes you’d want to take your speaker outside may around swimming pool or just outside where there is small rain. You can take this Mivi octave with you because it has the IPX 5 splashproof rating. It will withstand even if a little bit of water falls on it when you are using outdoors.

Sound quality & loudness

As we said earlier, the speaker is very compact and portable but you might be wondering about its loudness. To my surprise, the speaker is very loud. The midrange and the vocals very nicely produced on the speaker. If you are looking for a bass oriented speaker, it might disappoint you. Yes, this is not a party speaker but if you like the sound quality over pure bass then you’ll definitely like the sound signature. Also, it’s high notes are very crisp and clear without clipping out the peaks.

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Wireless pairing

Using the Mivi app and a pair of Mivi Octave speakers, you can run it in stereo mode. This will play the songs in two speakers at the same time. If you do any control activities at any of the speakers, it will be applicable to both speakers.


Mivi Octave is a good choice if you are planning to buy a portable speaker within 3000 rupees. It is very compact and portable, has got the splashproof rating and has good battery life. Sound quality is really good and the only con I have noticed is the bass is average.


Mivi Octave Portable Wireless Speaker




Build quality


Wireless range


Sound Quality



  • Compact
  • Good sound quality
  • Good battery life
  • Splashproof


  • Average bass
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  1. my speaker is not turning off even i try to switch off from power button and it not conected to any bluetooth

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