Xiaomi has a lot of loyal fans globally. But when it comes to their phone software, they are not as loyal to Xiaomi’s own MIUI as to the company. The Chinese giant posted a poll on twitter a few months back, asking fans to vote for MIUI vs Android One. Surprisingly, Android one managed to gather the majority of the votes ( 57% vs 43% for MIUI). This could have been unexpected for Xiaomi as they deleted all traces of the poll from the internet. But why not stick to an online poll, why not compare MIUI vs Android One and find out for ourselves.

In this article, we are going to talk about the feature-rich MIUI vs Android One which is basically stock android. As a reviewer, I have used both MIUi and Android One quite extensively and aware of advantages and disadvantages of MIUI and Android One. First of all, let’s talk about the feature differences.

miui vs android one poll on twitter

MIUI vs Android One – Features

This is where the MIUi wins it. Xioami rom is famous for its extensive features that many people love. There are many features that Android lacks natively but present in MIUI. Here’re are some of the features stand out among their truckload of features. My favorite features in MIUI are

  • Built-In App locker: Unlike third-party apps, it works really well with all the apps since it is built natively.
  • Built-In Screen recorder: This features is very handy and works really well.
  • Uninstall multiple apps together
  • Dual app support: Helps you to have two copies of each app. Handy when you want to run two WhatsApp accounts in a single phone.
  • Themestore: You’ll get tonnes of new themes every day. Even you can develop themes by yourself.
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compare miui vs android one features

These are only a few of the features that MIUI possess. People who use MIUI love these extra perks that MIUI offers.

Android One has the features what Google passes with latest Android update which is sufficient for a lot of people, but when you do a comparison, MIUI has a lot more features than Android One. However, all of those features and customization in MIUI come at a price. Performance.


Having used both MIUI and Android One, I can confidently say Android one brings far better performance especially when it comes to cheap/budget range smartphones. When I say that MIUi is buttery smooth on the Mi Mix 2 or the Mi 6, those are powerful phones. But budget phones from Xiaomi are more popular hence the performance of MIUI comes into play a lot in these phones.

When we talk about the Redmi Y1 or Redmi note 4, the performance is average. The performance in these smartphones are not as bad as some of the Samsung midrange phones, but Android One seems to be performing better.

The major complaint with the MIUI is the RAM management. Apps getting closed in background even when you are not putting the phone under heavy load. Another major issue is push notification in MIUI. Sometimes we’ll not get notifications from apps like Youtube even when you put the priority high. There’s also some of the complaints from the users that the MIUI performance gets sluggish over time.

If you think that people vote for Android One over MIUI just because of the performance edge, well there are other factors too.

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No App drawer on MIUI

The first thing I do when I get a smartphone having MIUI is to install a good launcher. It is not just App drawer, some people think the look and feel of stock Android are better than MIUI even though that is a bit subjective.

Older Android versions in MIUI

There is this fact that Xiaomi brings updates to MIUI for a long time which is great, but you need to consider the fact that these updates are not necessarily with the latest Android version. Here’s an example. The 2016 device Redmi Note 3 recently received the MIUI 9 update. But the sad thing is that it is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow which means the device received only one major Android version upgrade in the course of its lifetime. Even the latest Xiaomi phones do not come with latest android version. Even the Redmi Note 5 came out with Nougat on-board – wherein 2018 Android P is just around the corner!

On the other hand, Mi A1 received the Oreo update earlier this year and guaranteed to get the Android P update. These are some of the reasons why I prefer Android One over MIUI.

MIUI or Android One –  which one you should prefer?

When stability and performance are important to you, if you like the look and feel of stock android more, you should go with Android one eyes closed. But some people find that the feature that is provided by MIUI is nevertheless worthy of its drawbacks.

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