MIUI is one of the most popular customized Android ROM developed by Xiaomi for their smartphones and tablets. Compared to stock android builds, MIUI provides lot of additional features. MIUI 9 is the latest version which is going to be launched by Xiaomi coming November.If you are wondering what is miui optimization here, this post talks about Turn On MIUI optimization settings found in Developer options.

turn on miui optimizations

How to enable developer option in MIUI

In parallel with other smartphones, MIUI has its developer options. To unblock the developer options, Go to Settings >About, find the MIUI version and tap 7 times continuously. You could see a message “You have enabled developer option” once you have successfully done that. To access developer options, Goto Settings > Additional settings > Developer options. Now scroll down till the end to see the option to toggle MIUI Optimization. You’ll need to restart the device once you enable the option.

Even though it is just a toggle which we enable, it causes the way which the system behaves, in turn changes the way many apps behave.

What is miui optimization ?

According to this thread in developer tools,

Turn On MIUI Optimization : This option enables a plethora of MIUI based settings & optimizations as per the guidelines set by the MIUI developers. It helps to load the app and the app data in parallel reducing load times and ensuring snappier user experience. This setting can sometimes cause a variety of issues on non-MIUI based apps such as Google Apps & Apps from Google Playstore. Its better to disable if you rely on Google Playstore for apps & services or use Global Stable or Global Beta MIUI ROMs.

This basically means that tuning on these optimizations will change the way MIUI interacts with other apps. These recommended settings from MIUI developers are not recommended unless you are the kind of a person who likes to play with settings, deal with bugs and enjoy fixing them by your own. If you are a casual user, better idea would be to leave it as it is.

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Some of the issues faced by users who tried this option are:

  • Issues with third party launchers: If you are a person who dont like the plain MIUI theme and tries all of those flashy launchers out there, you might face trouble working them. People have reported issues while setting wallpapers with custom launchers.
  • Problems in syncing data for apps like Gmail, WhatsApp etc.
  • Issues with accessibility services on reboot.
  • Music players will get force closed sometimes, the song will get pause automatically.
  • Out of sync animations

On the other hand, there are some advantages with this option if you dont care about these relatively small issues. The improvements are on the performance side –  the usual lag you get while opening/switching apps get reduces a bit. As they have said, it utilizes the processor for its full usage so apps should definitely open faster than it used to be.

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  1. Some old and not frequently updated games like gta San Andreas won’t work on miui.. It will keep crashing again and again.. But on switching off miui optimisations it worked finely…so if you are a avid gamer then would suggest to switch it off

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