MIUI 8 – 10 Handy Tips To Make Your Life Easy

Xiaomi, The Chinese mobile maker has impressed this year with their smartphone Redmi Note 3 which offers an incredible price-performance ratio. The phone performs quite well on day-to-day tasks and wont disappoint even if you are a casual gamer. Few months back, Xiaomi pushed their latest version of MIUI 8 followed by Marshmallow update which has hit recently for many redmi note 3users. Since MIUI is a heavily customized version of android, many users  are not even aware of all the features it has got. This post is around redmi note 3 but it is applicable for all mi phones which has the MIUI 8 OS.

1. Swipe with 3 fingers to take a screenshot.
This is a latest feature comes with MIUI 8.1 where you just swipe down using your three fingers to take a screenshot. You need to enable this feature before using it Setting > Additional Settings > Screenshot > Slide three fingers to take a screenshot. This is in addition to the other three methods which can be used to take screenshot in MIUI.

   For your convenience here are the other 3 methods to take screenshots in MIUI:
1. Press Volume Down + Power button together. The advantage is that you dont need any screen touches so it is useful if the present screen is altered if you toch it.

2. You can pull down the status and notification panel and press screenshot button. Once you press, the panel collapses and take the screenshot within a moment. The disadvantage is that we cant take a screenshot of the notification panel itself.

3. The third method uses Quick Ball to take a screenshot. You can enable Quick Ball by going to Setting > Additional Settings > Quick Ball.

2. Set call background same as lockScreen wallpaper

This is also comes with the latest edition of MIUI, Go to Settings>System Apps>Call Settings>Advanced settings>Call Background (Or Use the shortcut way to access Call Settings as shown in the screenshot) – The Default Option will be Default, change it to Lock screen wallpaper.
3. Turn off auto starting apps
Even though many phones nowadays comes with 2GB, 3GB and 4GB RAM capacity, installing apps like Messenger, Facebook and Instagram will eat up all the memory you have got and you phone will eventually become slow.
Luckily Redmi users are not facing this issue much – thanks to the memory management in the MIUI. Still if you prefer to control your apps which are activating automatically in the background even if you closed the app, this option is for you.To Kill all the auto-starting apps, Goto Settings > Permissions > Autostart. This page will list all the apps which are allowed to autostart with an option besides it to turn off. Just tap the button for the apps you feel not important to serve you in the background unless you use their service regularly and you don’t want to interrupt it. This will help you to keep your phone in a memory efficient state as well as helps you to save battery life.

4. App Lock
Probably you should have setup fingerprint scanner for your phone, if you ever wonder you can use the fingerprint to unlock apps for you. Earlier versions of MIUI had this option but it was somewhat hidden in the security app. As of MIUI 8 its no longer difficult make your app locked. Go to Settings > Applock , Enter your pattern or press your finger on to the scanner to see the apps list page where you can select apps you wants to lock for you.

When should the app be locked?
MIUI provides three options to lock the app you have selected.
1. The app will be locked once the device is locked.
2. The app gets locked when device is locked or after exiting the app.
3. The app will be locked when device is locked or 1 min after exiting the app – whichever happens first.You can set these by tapping the settings icon.

5. Child Mode / Guest Mode
This is one of the best things I have used in MIUI. It makes the phone much more secure, but more than security I find it useful when I give my phone to little kids. Earlier I used  to worry if the mess with my stuff and I didn’t want to put a lock for each app and change it back later. Child mode is perfect for this situation. Tap Settings > Additional Settings > Child mode, here you can turn on the child mode and select which apps you want your child to access. The best thing here is that you can set a separate unlock pattern for this so your kid wont change this by himself by giving the usual phone unlock pattern.

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6. One handed mode
Do you have a small hand and If you have ever find it difficult to hold your phone one-handed while using it – this is for you. To activate one handed mode you can either swipe from back capacitive navigation button to home button  or home button to Recents button. If you have done it gently immediately you will be entered into One-handed mode where the screen size changes to either 3.5, 4.0 or 4.5 inches size which you can set in the options found in  Settings > Additional Settings > One-handed mode.

7. Disable combined notification and toggle panel

When you have updated your phone from MIUI 7 to MIUI 8, you should have noticed the change in notification panel. Earlier it was two separate pages – one for notifications and other for  all the toggle buttons like WiFi, Mobile data etc. After the update they have combined these to one page where you can see the notifications and the toggle buttons are moved to top side which will be expanded on gesture. I feel the earlier design was much more simple and always wanted to go back. Luckily there is an option in Settings > Notifications and status bar where we can change the style to separate.

8. Place a lock screen icon on the home screen to lock the device easily.
Do you want to turn the screen off by taping on an icon in the homescreen?. Then open widgets by long pressing the Recents (The leftmost capacitive touch button) button and choosing widgets. There you can find toggles inside of which a lock icon that you can place on your homescreen. Now whenever you want to lock the screen – just tap on the lock button to do it. Also it saves the  hardware lock button from wearing out easily.

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9.  Record calls automatically
Are you expecting call from someone that needs to be recorded?. MIUI will help you do it. Go to you call settings once again (Settings>System Apps>Call Settings> call recording. If you want to record a call automatically, tap Record calls automatically option. Also you can record calls from all numbers or only for the numbers that you have selected.

10. Reading mode to reduce eye fatigue.
If you are a person who reads a lot using mobile phone especially in night, this feature comes handy. The blue light that usually comes from the display can affect our eay health and mess up the sleep pattern. To reduce this, MIUI offers Reading mode which changes the blue hue to a warmer and eye pleasing shade.You can activate and customize reading mode by going to Settings> Display> Reading Mode. You can also select the apps which you want reading mode to be turned on while opening.

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