Microsoft Xbox One Specifications and Changes

The Xbox is a video gaming brand from Microsoft where they’ve introduced the popular gaming consoles called Xbox, Xbox 360. Now Microsoft has unveiled their new member in the Xbox series called Xbox One the successor to the Xbox 360. The new gaming console will compete with Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo’s Wii U, three of them are part of eighth-gen landscape.

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Details of Xbox one from Microsoft:

Commenting on the design part, Xbox One is looks sleek and black. An exception from the current generation consoles is that this one is relatively bigger. the motion sensing Kinect and the main console peaks on black and posses good build quality.

Moving into the specifications, the details available so far indicates an eight-core processor, AMD built graphics, Blue-ray, 500GB hard drive and HDMI port for input and output. The gaming console will run three operating systems including Windows 8 and RT which is based on Windows 8 kernel but specifically designed for mobile devices and light pc’s.

Revamped Kinect: The new Kinect got an integrated battery and improved response with triggers. The D-pad is better and improved ergonomics.

xbox one kinect

SmartGlass: The SmartGlass technology allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to enhance the gaming experience. The connectivity can be using Wi-Fi direct or using the Bluetooth. The allowed devices include in the class Windows phone, android and iOS platforms.

Availability and Pricing

The new Xbox One will be available later this year, 2013. We’ve to wait for the price and the exact specifications.

Watch Xbox One Unveil Video

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