As today’s smartphone is a major part of our day to day life, power banks play a major role. This is mainly because even if smartphones comes with sufficient amounts of battery capacity, they tend to get drained fast due to their excessive usage and by the countless things that we use them for. Power banks are the most popular solution for the battery drain of smartphones. Power banks nowadays come with compact size and weight as well as charging capacities which are more than sufficient for a typical user. When it comes to Mi Power banks which is popular among many brands, they have few options we can choose from.

Mi Power Bank Model
Link to buy
 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i ₹ 899
20000mAh Mi Power Bank ₹ 1,599
10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro ₹ 1,499  Buy From


As we see above, the price difference between the Mi Power Bank 2i 10000mAh and 10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro are very high but they have the same battery capacity of 10000mAh. Why is this?. What are the causes that Mi Power Bank Pro has a higher price?. Let’s find out the differences.

Mi Power Bank Pro has Type-C input for charging the power bank

Note that the Pro power bank has one input USB Type-C port for charging the power bank. Many people confuse and think that it can be used to charge the devices which have the Type-C charging port. No, it does not support that. If you have a Type-C charger, the power bank can be charged using that. You still need a USB A-to-C cable to charge such devices.

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It is also worth noting that the Mi Power Bank Pro has only one output port which is USB Type-A whereas the Mi Power Bank 2i has two output USB ports.

Mi Power Bank Pro has high-density batteries

High-density batteries are smaller in size for the same capacity compared to the normal battery. This means that the Mi Power Bank Pro will be smaller in size and less in weight compared to its counterparts. This makes it more portable and stylish.

Mi Power Bank Pro supports two-way fast charging|(With up to 18W )

The normal Mi Power Bank 2i will take almost 6-8 hours to charge completely but it supports fast charging for the devices connected (output). On the other hand, Mi Power Bank pro supports two-way fast charging. The power bank itself will get charged in 3.5 – 4 hours and it can charge a 3090mAh Android device (QC2.0) in less than 2 hours.

Mi Power Bank Pro is thinner

The Pro version of the Mi power bank is advertised to be 42% thinner than the normal Mi Power Bank 2i 10000mAh. This results in a sleek and slim form factor and adds to the portability of the device.

Mi Power Bank Pro is imported

The Pro Power Bank is imported from China whereas the Mi Power Bank 2i is made in India.

Which one is better?

If you really value the portability factor and the dual charging speed that Mi Power Bank Pro has, go for it. On the other hand, if you don’t care about the size and charging speed, 2i is better considering price and dual outputs.

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  1. The normal Mi Power Bank Pro will take almost 6-8 hours…….
    On the other hand, Mi Power Bank pro supports two-way fast….
    Do you really mean it? Or you wanted to write some other power bank. Coz in both of sentences you’ve written Mi Power Bank Pro whereas you were comparing it with the other one i.e. 2i

    1. Thanks for pointing out the mistake. Corrected.

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