Mi has launched the mini version of the Bluetooth speaker they were already selling with a reduced price tag. This brings up a comparison between budget range wireless speakers. Today we are going to compare Mi Bluetooth speaker mini vs Logitech X50 vs Photron P10. We will decide the winner based on the specifications, available features and ofcourse the sound quality and performance.

Lets look at the quick comparison table.

Mi Bluetooth Speaker Mini vs Logitech X50 vs Photron P10

Model Microphone
Link to buy
Mi Bluetooth Speaker mini Yes 1299
Buy From Mi
Logitech X50 No 1399
Photron P10 Wireless Yes 799

Let us look at the quick review, pros and cons of each bluetooth speakers

Mi Bluetooth Speaker Mini

mi mini speaker wireless

The one thing you notice immediately once you see the Mi Bluetooth speaker mini is how small it is. Even the product tag line says “Small carries a tune”. The design is very simple and attractive. It has a full metal casing due to which it is extremely potable, the small form factor allows you to carry it in your bag our small purse. Due to the metal body construction, it looks very premium too.

The speaker comes with a built in microphone which helps you to pick up calls and play through speaker. When it comes to sound quality, the Mi Bluetooth speaker doesn’t perform well enough to beat the other two competitors here. It certainly not loud as Photron P10 and not anywhere near to X50. The base definitely suffers due to small forma factor. But overall the sound quality is very good.

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One thing you have to remember is that this wireless speaker does not have an option to connect aux cable to  it.

Buy From Mi

Logitech X50 Wireless Speakers

best thumping bass

We have done many comparisons between Logitech X50 and other speakers, but the end results were always in fovor of X50. The thumping bass you get on this speaker is absolutely mind blowing compared to any other speakers in this price range. It is definitely a better sounding speaker than Photron P10.

The only con with X50 is that it lacks a microphone. This is not a problem if you are not using this to pick up calls. In this comparison among three speakers, X50 is definitely the best sounding speaker.

Photron P10 Wireless

photron cheap wireless speaker

Among the three options that we are reviewing, this one is the cheapest. Under 1000 Rs, this might be the best speaker you can buy. It comes in a decent round design with plastic body.

Talking about features, this one has meany. The wireless speakers has Aux-in connection, micro-SD card slot, speakerphone with echo and noise cancellation and what not!.. The micro-SD card slot is really useful since you dont have to engage your smartphone for music playback. Also, 3.5 mm audio auxiliary port gives you flexibility to connect your non Bluetooth audio source.

Sound department, it sounds better than Mi Bluetooth speaker. It has more loudness and bass than Mi. But it is not as good as Logitech X50.

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