Watches are not just for telling the time anymore. They have becomes advanced with amazing features that would help you to monitor your work life and your personal life. They will track your calorie count, they will notify you about your emails. Here we compare two budget fit watches from the two leading brands in the field, The Mi Band 4 and the Samsung Galaxy fit e. These two are considered to be the best budget fitness bands available in the market.

Mi Band 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Fit E Fitness Bands Comparison

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 v/s Samsung Galaxy Fit E fitness bands



Mi Band 4 in comparison with the previous edition of Xiaomi Mi Band 3, the display of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is 39.9% larger and it is brighter than any of the previous edition fitness bands from Xiaomi. The screen is AMOLED with 120 x 240 pixels with a size of 0.95 inches. The screen is protected by a 2.5 D tempered glass with an anti-fingerprint coating.

The Samsung Galaxy fit  E has a PMOLED display that is 0.74 inches size The main display resolution is 128 x 64. A drawback compared to the Mi band 4 is that it is mono-colored compared to the Mi band4 display.


You can connect it to your smartphone through the Mi fit app and receive notifications from Gmail, WhatsApp, etc on your watch. Remember that, you can only read notifications and not respond to them. It has got an option called DND that you can use to turn the notifications off while you are sleeping.

The Samsung fit E can be connected to your Samsung phone via the Samsung Health app. The fitness band uses the latest Bluetooth version 5.0 and is one of the few devices in the world at the moment to use this latest advance Bluetooth version.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is powered by a 135mAh rechargeable battery. It takes approximately two hours to fully charge the battery. The battery life claimed by the company is about 20 days on a full charge and from using it without charging for 5 days, the charge went from 39% to 18% over the 5 days which is remarkable. So full marks to Mi band 4 when it comes to battery life.

Samsung fit E comes with a really powerful battery and provides long life with its 70mAh battery which however is not comparable to the Mi Band 4. Compared to the 20-day battery life of Mi band 4, the Samsung Galaxy fit E only has 6 to 7 days of battery life.


The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has the water resistance 5 ATM which means it will resist water entering the device until the pressure of the water is 5 Atm. Samsung fit E is water-resistant up to 5 ATM.


Coming to the memory specifications, the Mi Band 4 has 512KB of RAM and 16 MB storage space. Samsung fit E is equipped with 128KB RAM.


The major attraction of Xiaomi devices has always been the surprisingly low price. The Mi Band 4 will cost around 1800 INR. While Samsung fit E costs around 2400 INR.


As far as comfortability is considered, the Mi Band 4 does not sweat your hands and is a comfortable fit. All the functionalities of the watch are similar to the Mi band 3.I t has options to track your calories, your jogging steps, the heart rate, etc. All in all the Mi band 4 is a sound product.

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Samsung fit E is used to track your daily activities like walking, running, etc and analyze your sleeping patterns and heart rates. In addition to heart rate sensors, it also possesses sensors, accelerometers, etc. The watch is so lightweight, it weighs in around 15 grams, that you won’t feel it on your arms. The army level durability of the product should be appreciated. The drizzle on your jogging hours won’t affect your product in any way. It runs on a free RTOS operating system.


Features Mi Band4 Samsung Galaxy Fit E
Battery capacity 135 mAh 70mAh
Battery life 20 days 6 to 7 days
Display AMOLED, Color. 0.95 inches PMOLED, MONO, 0.74 inches
Water Resistant Yes. Up to 5 ATM Yes. Up to 5ATM.
RAM 512 KB 128 KB



The Mi Band 4 is miles better than the Samsung Galaxy Fit e in performance and it is cheaper too.

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