The  Mi Band 4 fitness tracker has been officially released in China and will be soon coming to the west. The Mi Band 3 were the best selling wearable fitness tracking device so far from Xiaomi and it does offer quite a lot of features for its price. Mi Band had its drawbacks too. The tracking was not accurate, the screen was very basic with an average overall design. The new Mi Band 4 seems to rectify a lot of those issues, so let’s do a review and comparison with Mi band 3 to see if the upgrade from Band 3 is worth.

Design and specifications

The Mi band 4 comes with a full-color AMOLED touch display that can be used to you’re your calls, text messages, notifications from various apps, etc. The device provides an impressive water resistance feature up to 50 meters. It has various utilities attached to the device that makes the new edition to the Mi Band 4 family including a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3 –axis gyroscope.

At full charge, The Mi Band 4 band can last up to 20 days which is a very impressive feature which was evident from its predecessor the Mi-3 which also claimed to last 20 days on a full charge.

Tracking and Activity monitoring

Most people adore this particular product from Mi for its accurate health monitoring features which made this brand quiet popular among the fitness freaks.

As with its predecessors, it provides 24/7 heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking. Like its predecessor, the Mi Band 4 can survive at 5 ATM water up to 50m. Some new features added to the Mi Band 4 are that it recognizes 5 different swim styles and records twelve data sets swimming pace and stroke count. It is a handy asset to keep with you on your morning jogs as it records 5 core data sets that are bound to increase your walking efficiency. If you are a cycling enthusiast the Mi Band 4 band will ensure you get the best workout as it will measure your heart rate in real time.

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This brand new addition to the Mi family is a must have for all you fitness enthusiast out there. Whether you are an athlete or a martial arts specialist or a casual jogger, it will monitor your heart rate, record the calories burned, track your speed and so on. It will be a handy asset even if you are not a big workout lover. It will help you monitor your heart rates while you sleep whether it is light sleep or deep sleep. This monitoring will help you set a healthy sleep pattern that will improve your health. The light vibration for an alarm that will gently wake u up from your deep sleep is definitely a big bonus feature for a watch cum health monitor.


The price for the Mi Band 4 band will be under 2000 as it was for its predecessors in India.


This is the first band from Mi that comes with a multi-color display. The Mi Band 3 came with a black and white display. The 0.95-inch AMOLED color touch-enabled screen provides a resolution of 240 x 120p. The screen is also protected by a 2.5D curved glass on top.


NFC support

 The Mi Band 4 comes in three different models– the regular model, model with NFC, and Avengers Edition. The brand new feature that sets apart the Mi Band 4 from its predecessor is that users will be able to make payments using NFC. In order to do that, the users will need to swipe the screen to show the QR code on their Mi Band 4.

mi band 4 payments Mi Band 4

Built-in microphone

 Apart from the payment features, Mi also has another brand new feature that is added to the Mi Band. It comes with a built-in microphone. It can be used to give voice commands to control other Mi smart devices like smartphones, air conditioner, etc. Mi Band 4 utilizes an AI voice assistant for this purpose. You can even control the music player on your smartphones.

Water resistant

 The Mi Band 4 band can resist water splashes just like its predecessor. So this feature is retained for this model but does not submerge it in the water for a long time.


Just like the Mi3 band, the company claims the Mi Band 4 can deliver 20 days of battery life after a single full charge of its battery.


Judging from all the claims made by the company regarding the new feature, this Mi Band 4 is definitely worth a buy and will be a good addition to your gadgets.


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