It has been more than a year and a half since Xiaomi has released its second version of smart fitness band called Mi band 2. The reason I am writing this review after 1 year  it got released in India is that more people are into smart fitness bands nowadays and they consider Mi band 2 as their primary choice though it is a bit old compared to other bands. Is it worth to buy Xiaomi Mi Band 2 today?.

As a user of this fitness band for more than an year, I can share some experiences and issues with this product. These issues are developed over time and you might not face any of these on a brand new one. The band worked as expected for more than 2-3 months but it started showing problems one way or another which you will not find enjoying.

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Problem #1

Inconsistent heart rate monitor

The major problem I face with this gadget is with the heart rate sensor. Initial days the Mi band 2 used to monitor heart rate almost accurately whenever I tested that it would fail to measure heart rate only 1 out of 10 times. But guess what, nowadays it will fail 9 out of 10 times.

For a while the heart rate sensor was not at all working,but after few weeks Xiaomi had pushed a firmware update to fix the issue. But recent times the consistency has fall down a lot and it shows vague reports every time when you measure the heart rate.

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Here  is how to fix Mi band heart rate sensor issue.

Problem #2

Very low screen brightness

This issue has came into picture recently. The display used to be very bright on Mi band 2, but after a firmware update we cant read the display even when there is a small amount of sunlight. This has become a major problem since the band becomes unusable if you take it outdoors.

I have tried many things to fix this issue but nothing worked so far. When I searched online, many Mi band 2 user facing the same issue wondering how to fix it. For  example, see this thread.

screen can be barely seen

Problem #3

Strap become loose

Fitness bands are meant to be with you whenever you do physical activities such as swimming, playing badminton etc. Mi band 2 straps used to be sturdy and tight but several months later that is no more the case.

A small force on the connecting part of strap will make it come out. The chances of loosing your band is high. Xiaomi could have done a better job giving a better strap design or an extra strap could have been solved this issue.

strap becomes loose

Also the straps are made of rubber and it looks dirty nowadays with all the marks it gets whenever it touches something.

ugly marks on the rubber strap

The above issues are somewhat a deal breaker for me especially the second one. I think you can consider buying the newer bands like the Lenovo HW01 or the Honor band 3 which should be better than the Mi band 2.

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