YouTube has at the moment removed the option to delete all youtube comments made on your comment history page.So it has become a tedious task to remove the thousands of comments that you have made in the past by clicking on the remove button on each of the comments in the comment history page.But there is a way by which you can delete all your comment activity on YouTube in under a minute.The only method available at the moment to delete all youtube comments together is given below.It will save your time from going to comment history and deleting all the comments individually.

NOTE: YouTube likes and playlists will not be affected.

STEP 1  : On the top right corner of your YouTube home page,you will find your profile picture.Click on it.From the drop down menu,you will see a button with the picture of a gear on it.Click on this settings button.


STEP 2  : Click on the option “Advanced” as highlighted below.

STEP 3  :  Click on the option “Delete channel”. Do not worry.It will not delete your YouTube channel.

STEP 4  : Click on the option “I want to hide my channel”.

STEP 5  : Select all the options as shown below and click on “HIDE MY CHANNEL”.

STEP 6 : Now the channel is hidden.

STEP 7 : Login to your YouTube account after sometime and you will find that all your comments are deleted.

NOTE: No other methods are available at the moment for deleting all the YouTube comments simultaneously.

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