MarQ is an initiative from Flipkart producing high-quality electronic appliances in affordable price ranges. Their products have been aimed at the middle-class Indian family and have been well received so far. One of their latest products available in the market is a Bluetooth soundbar. Given below is a detailed MarQ Soundbar review of all its specifications and comparison with Bluetooth soundbars available in similar price ranges.

MarQ Soundbar Review


  • The sleek and stylish design makes the MarQ soundbar real eye-catcher.
  •  This product is exclusive to Flipkart.
  • The Soundbar comes with an AUX cable, a Sub-woofer, a wall mounting set, a user manual, and a remote controller.
  • The model name that you have to search for is FS23S.
  • This Bluetooth soundbar is not portable and is not meant to serve that purpose.

It can be connected to your TV producing a unique home theater experience. Another drawback of the soundbar is that it does not have any memory card slot. It has a frequency response of 45 Hz to 20KHz.Its impedance is 4 ohms. At the moment it only comes in Black color. It can be connected with a wide variety of devices like Laptops, Tablets, TV, Mobiles, and computers.

The soundbar has a digital amplifier with DSP inside. The availability of a remote controller to control its functions from far away is a plus point for the soundbar. The Subwoofer has a width of 170mm, a height of 380mm and a depth of 306mm. The sleek design combined with the bass boosting capabilities makes this soundbar a worthy addition to your home. A price of 7000INR is justified.

The soundbar consists of an LED display which shows the volume level and details about the input of the soundbar. considering the features. The subwoofer is has a wooden compartment with only one wire coming out of it. The subwoofer has a glossy finishing which gives it a premium feel. Overall the design aspects can be summarized as follows.

  • The soundbar material is plastic but doesn’t feel cheap.
  • The build quality is awesome all in all considering the price range.
  • The remote controller quality is poor. It feels like it is made of cheap plastic and overall it looks fragile.
  • The soundbar is 38 inches long and aesthetically fits for even a 55″ TV.
  • The woofer is a passive woofer which means it takes inputs from the soundbar. It cannot be used with other audio systems.
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Sound Quality

The power output of the device is 120W.   The sound quality is the biggest plus point for this soundbar. It provides crystal clear HD sound.  It has a signal to noise ratio (SNR) of 72dB. To get the best HD sound output, use the HDMI cable for connecting it to your TV because the 3.5mm cable is bound to suffer losses.


The 120W soundbar has a subwoofer that delivers heavy bass and loud volume. The soundbar itself produces amazing bass. Add the subwoofer to the mix and you will get up to three times as much bass. The crystal clear sound with awesome bass is just what we need when we pay over 6ooo bucks for a speaker and it is just what we get with the MarQ soundbar.

The thumping bass from the home theater subwoofers should not be expected from this subwoofer. The bass from this sub is more of a support for the sound from the soundbar

The sound quality is amazing with the output having high bass with little to no distortions whatsoever at mid volumes. If you continuously listen at maximum volume, some distortions are bound to creep up. But it is a common problem with all mid-range soundbars. The Bass and Treble can be controlled. The bass quality is above average with all detailed beats and drops and thumps audible.

A con for this soundbar is that at maximum volume, the quality of bass slightly deteriorates. Vocals, Mid and High frequencies are clear enough and the sound is very loud.

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Tips to Improve Sound Quality

A slight tweaking can improve the acoustic experience.

  • Install the Noozxoide EIZO rewire app if you’re using Android mobile or Android TV.
  • Change digitally preset to Unique 3 mode.
  • Increase virtual surround to the maximum level in that app.
  • Change Soundbar Equalizer mode to Standard.

The preset equalizer settings can vary the sound quality according to the medium. If you are watching movies, vocals can be provided emphasis. Similarly, if you are listening to music, bass and treble will be given emphasis.


It has one USB port. it is compatible with all Android devices and iOS devices alike. It has HDMI connection support aswell.  The connectivity is smooth and everything works as it should. Bluetooth, AUX and HDMI ARC are working fine. The LED indications are useful for checking the input connection mode and volume level. The soundbar pairs quickly with Bluetooth devices. The AUX cable that comes with the soundbar is of low quality. If you use the AUX input mode, buy a quality AUX cable.

Pros of MarQ Soundbar

  • Cheap price considering the high quality of the product.
  • The soundbar pairs quickly with Bluetooth devices
  • The HDMI connection is available for HD sounds.

Cons of MarQ Soundbar

  • The AUX cable that comes with the soundbar is of low quality.
  • At maximum volume, the quality of bass slightly deteriorates
  • The remote controller quality is poor. It feels like it is made of cheap plastic and overall it looks fragile.


The soundbar from MarQ by Flipkart with model name FS23S could quite possibly be the best soundbar available under 10K. Despite its cons, the soundbar ultimately produces high-quality output sound comparable to high-end speaker systems from JBL, Sony, etc. All in all, considering the price of 7000 INR, you can blindly go for this masterpiece.

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