Long gone are the days when Galleries were just apps used to view the collection of photos and videos at your disposal. After the latest updates, MIUI now enables you to make WhatsApp statuses, edit videos for your Instagram stories, etc using its Gallery Video Editor. Let us take a look at the features provided by this powerful video editor.

Access the editor

To use this editor, first, open the MIUI Gallery app and select the video you want to edit as shown in the figure below.


Tou will find multiple options at the bottom of your screen to upload, favorite and delete the video on the bottom of your screen. The edit button to open the MIUI video editor is a scissor shaped icon shown second to the left as pointed to by the red square in the picture above.

Now at the bottom of the screen are various editing tools available to you like trim, filters, Audio, Watermark, etc. An important factor to take into account while editing videos using the Gallery app is that its functions are pretty basic. All you will be able to do are the most basic editing methods and if you require more advanced features to edit your video an option is available at the far right called ‘Advanced’. This option will take your video to the video editing application called ‘Kinemaster‘ with which you will be able to perform advanced editing procedures.

Editing procedure

Now let us take a look at the various editing techniques available in this app.

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One of the most basic editing techniques available is the ‘Trim’. You can trim longer videos to shorter lengths. This will satisfy the length requirements for your Whatsapp statuses or Instagram stories. Clipping the videos using the  ‘Trim’ option is an easy three-step procedure.

  • Click on the ‘scissor shaped’ Trim option at the bottom left of your screen.
  • This will take you to the Trim window. Here you can use the sliders given at the bottom of your screen to decrease the length of your video as shown in the picture below. It also has an ‘Auto trim’ option.
  • After trimming the video, you will be able to save the changes. To accomplish this, tap on the tick button at the bottom right of your screen. The new file will appear as a separate file in your Gallery. So there are no worries about any corruption occurring for the original video.


Another basic editing option available to you here is the application of filters over your video. Choose the filter option from the list of options as shown in the picture below.

You will get several filter options like film, calm, retro, vintage, etc as shown in the picture below. It contains 3 pre-made effects & 10 color filters. In addition to the already existing filters you will be able to tweak the basic settings like brightness, sharpness, contrast, saturation, vignette, etc. To do this, choose the Adjust tab right next to the filter tab. 


With this option, you will be able to add any audio of your choice to the video. Choosing the Audio icon at the bottom of your screen will open up your collection of music. You will also be able to adjust the timing of the audio using the sliders provided at the bottom of your screen.

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A collection of music is available in the app itself. Also available is the option to download music of the various genres.


With the watermark option, you will be able to add texts of your choice to the video. These texts can be placed at the beginning or the end of the video as per your choice. You can also leave the text on for the entire duration of the video. Once the editing is done, tap on the tick button to save the changes.



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