As the Xiaomi phones getting popular day by day, their customized version of the android aka MIUI is also gaining popularity. Mi phones getting popular in countries like India largely due to its price to performance ratio. We can get high performing smartphones like Redmi Note 4 just paying around 10K INR. No wonder why Xiaomi has become the second highest selling smartphone in India.

If you are using the MIUI 8 which is installed in your phones like Redmi Note 3 or Redmi Note 4, you can avoid your home screen icons from being misplaced changing your settings. In a recent update in MIUI 8, Xiaomi added few additional settings to lock your home screen layout. This will prevent your icons from misplacing in your home screen.

Locking the home screen layout in MIUI

Go to Settings > Home screen, toggle the Lock Home screen layout to ON position.

Now, if you try to move drag anything from home screen it will stay as is. By doing this you can make sure your icon setup is not disturbed by keeping your phone in your pocket or by accidentally pressing  icons.

One thing you have to notice is that, by this setting you wont be able to uninstall apps from lock screen as usual. Either you need to disable the lock or you have to go to settings and use the “Installed apps”.

I have created a small video of this. Follow this video if you are new to MIUI.

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