Locket Android App Lets You Make Money by Placing Ads on Android Lock Screen

So you’re always playing with your android phone wasting time?. Here’s something good news for you. Now you can make money by wasting time with your android phone. Locket android app lets you put advertisements on your lock screen and pays you pennies a day by viewing more information by swiping the ads. All you have to do is download the Locket app and give your age, gender and location. Afterwards, you’ll see ads appear on the lock screen on your android phone provided that internet connectivity is available. Now you can swipe through more information literally earning 1 cent for each swipe.


Locket beta is currently available in the US only

This app gives users one cent for each swipe, but only three cents an hour. Doing the math, you would earn a maximum of 36 cents in every 12 hours and 72 in a day. This app lets you cash out after you reach 10$, the method of cashing out will be gift cards and promotions and offers. Referring a friend gives you 1$ if they signed up.

Talking about the ads, they do not look ugly on your phone’s lock screen even though they replaced the wallpaper. Ads contain high resolution images and nice design of the ads making it fit to your phones screen. However some users have complaints about higher memory usage and lower battery life due to continuous internet activity. Also Locket app has’nt put any security features which prevents strangers from accessing the device.

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