Learning has become interesting with the introduction of educational applications in the field of education. With the help of these educational applications, students have started visualizing each and every topic and learning at their own pace. Hence, applications are making our lives a lot easier and fun. Mobile education, as a matter of fact, is a fast-growing trend which people all across the globe are embracing with open arms. It has been observed that learning through educational apps has grown exceptionally over the last few years.

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Nowadays, a student might never stop himself/herself from learning, as there is an increase in the number of competitive exams. These competitive exams offer the students more career options which will not only help them to earn more but also will help them to build a secured career. With Clerk/IBPS PO/RRB, SSC CGL Tier-II, CAT and RBI Assistant exams around the corner, it is crucial to judiciously use the time and exploit the available resources.

Here are the advantages of using educational apps for the preparation of competitive exams:

1. Test Series:

●     Now, there is no need of collecting test papers from different sources and solving them all together. Because educational applications have come up with chapter wise test series. So, once you are done with a chapter, immediately you will be directed to the test series for that particular chapter.

●     You will also get a detailed analysis report on that test.

●     Hence, your performance is inspected and the analysis helps you to focus on your weak areas.

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2. Round the clock availability:

●     Generally coaching institutes have limited number of classes which fail to satisfy the need of students when it is most necessary to them. But educational apps have interesting video lectures which are available all the time for the students.

●     These video lectures are available in both online and offline mode. So, one can study on the go. Many aspirants prefer these applications as they are inexpensive.

3. Mock Test:

●     Educational applications have mock tests and previous year question papers included in it. Students can practice these questions to get an idea about the question pattern and type of questions.

●     This will not only help them to do well in the main exam but also will help to build their confidence.

4. Systematic Learning Tool:

●     App-based learning enables both Smart and Systematic learning. Learning through an app has the courses arranged in a proper manner such that learning goes in a structured way.

●     Whether it is a storytelling app or subject-specific app, all kids’ learning apps ensure systematic education. The apps have built-in databases, where you can store stories and completed assignments for later reviews.

5. Updates:

●     These applications will help you to master your comprehensive skills by making you ready for the tough exams UPSC and JEE. As it provides updates on news articles and current affairs.

●     The aspirants can also have a community where students can ask their queries and can know about the response to those queries asked by other students.

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●     You can even get exam notifications beforehand.

If you spend 2-3 hours a day commuting, mobile learning technology is the perfect way to prepare for exams. Not only it aids exam preparation, it also reduces your boredom and keeps you busy. So, Why are you waiting? Just tap the app store icon and install the amazing educational app to your mobile and start enjoying the exam preparation phase.

Byju’s learning app is one perfect example of educational applications. Check out one of their videos. You can also subscribe to their video channel for videos on more topics.

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