If you are planning to speed up your old computer by increasing the RAM memory , or you are considering the purchase of a new one as the one fitted is damaged, before you buy it is good to know some information and memory characteristics of the RAM installed in your PC . This is because taking a wrong model has the risk of not being able to snap it into the motherboard and you may  not be able to exploit its full power as you are not taking into account important parameters such as type of RAM , frequency , bandwidth , clock speed , transfer rate and so on.

computer ram buying advice

There are plenty of software that are out there to give you ample insights into these details. Let’s put those usual ones aside and talk about a cool software that can do the job well. The software is Rammon from PassMark® Software  and luckily this is free for personal use. Available for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, once installed and started, Rammon shows in its graphical user interface, a rich list of features of your computer’s RAM (as shown in the figure below):


PassMark RAMMon user interface in Windows


Firstly, you can see  the Memory summary of your PC (not shown in the above figure) which include details like :

  1. ” Number of Memory Devices” which represents the number of slots of RAM installed on the motherboard.
  2. ” Total Physical Memory ” which is the total capacity of the RAM memory of your computer.
  3. ” Total Available Physical Memory ”  the free memory, not currently in use by the PC.
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Then follows a long list of features of the RAM, the information given for each one on the slot of the computer. Lol, infact you don’t have to know all of those. Basically, the details that are of importance to you include :

  • Type of Memory –  ” RAM Type “
  • Frequency  –  ” Frequency “
  • Maximum bandwidth –  ” Maximum Bandwidth “
  • Maximum Clock Speed –  ​​” Maximum Clock Speed ​​”
  • Maximum transfer speed  – ” Maximum Transfer Speed ​​”

But anyway RAMMon shows numerous features that are useful to refine your search and the purchase of the new RAM. And speaking of research, in the list of information provided by Rammon, you may have noted the line ” Search Amazon.com “. This is particularly useful for the user. If you click that ” Search ” hypertext link , it will open the internet browser with the web page of the Amazon store and the exact same RAM memory so that you can immediately buy it online without even having to manually search. However, if you prefer to export and print the entire list of features of the RAM or maybe take that info out to your nearest computer store from which you can then buy it. You can do this by simply clicking on the button ” Export / Copy ” to save the info in a document as TXT or HTML.

Note: This software is only for Windows operating system.


Platforms Supported:
Windows XP, 2003 Server, 2008 Server, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

32 MB RAM, 2 MB of disk space

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You may download the software for free from the official website by clicking here.


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