Remember when Jio revolutionized the Indian Telecom industry and brought us cheaper internet? Well, they have stepped into yet another terrain looking to dominate and destroy any competition. Jio fiber is the new talk of the town. Jio fiber is a broadband connection aiming to deliver high-speed internet service just like its cellular version. Will history be repeated? Let’s review the Jio Fiber plans and look at the facts and myths regarding the new kid on the block as far as broadband is concerned.

Is Jio fiber giving free tv: Fact or Myth?

  • Myth.

No, you do not get free cable TV services with JioFiber, not even for the most expensive plan. However, you do get a free 4K set-top box with every plan, even the cheapest Bronze plan.

Jio set-top box

This set-top box would be similar to an Amazon Fire TV stick. It contains the usual streaming apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix which if you use will take data from your Broadband plan. So there is no free cable TV service with Jio fiber.

Free Landline phone: Fact or Myth?

  • Fact.

Yes, you do get a free landline phone connection with free calls with Jiofiber.

Jio Fiber Box

jio fiber

The JioFiber box that you get for basic plans has 2.4 GHz WiFi band providing you with a maximum speed of 45 to 48 Mbps on WiFi. The picture shown above is the one you get with an expensive plan and it has a 5GHz Band giving you 80 to 85 Mbps speed on WiFi.

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Data Plans

The picture below shows all the plans offered by Jio Fiber across major cities as of October 2019.

The Basic Bronze Plan

The Bronze plan offered by Jio Fiber offers 100Mbps internet speed with 100GB monthly data. An additional 50GB per month is offered for new connections taken which will become invalid after the first six months. A quick analysis of this base plan will give you more insight into the overall cost to speed and data ratios of other plans. 100GB per month boils down to roughly 3.3 GB per day which is way too small especially because the internet speed is 100Mbps.

Even on 4G in India, which offers one-fifth of this speed, 3GB per day is not enough. Remember that Jio mobile internet connection at 4G speed provides 3GB per day for Rs.299/- per month. The increase in speed does not justify paying almost eight hundred rupees per month for this plan. So you can understand my disappointment at this tariff. Jio was supposed to bring a revolution in this field as they did with the mobile internet. However, they are not even the cheapest internet service provider at the moment. Local ISPs provide better tariffs than Jio Fiber. With a price of Rs. 699 which when added with 18% GST would cost you around Rs.825 per month is not a justified price for the data offered.

Annual Plans

With annual plans, Jio provides some interesting offers. With the Basic Bronze plan, you could get either a Bluetooth speaker, 2 months free or doubling the data. Similarly, you get TVs with Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Titanium annual plans. If I were you, I would choose the double data plan and get more data per month as low data per month is JioFiber’s main disadvantage. Remember that you will only be able to choose one among the three offers for the annual plans.

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Final verdict


  • Reliability: The network is rarely down. You get the speed that the plan offers. If you choose the 100Mbps plan, you will consistently get above 90Mbps.
  • Free set-top box and landline connection


  • Expensive: Too expensive for heavy users and moderate users alike.

No revolution today, guys!!!!!

The single con mentioned above outweighs all the pros of Jiofiber. Utterly disappointed with the current plans offered by Jiofiber. Knowing Mukesh Ambani and how he almost nearly wiped out all other competitions with Jio mobile internet revolution, I expect Jiofiber to come out with better plans shortly.

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