JBL is quite possibly the pioneer company when it comes to manufacturing sound equipment. For over 60 years, they have provided us with speakers, headsets, and all types of devices of top-notch quality. JBL Deep powerful punching out bass, the sound Jbl is known for or is the trademark characteristics of JBL is now being transferred into the latest wireless headphones. JBL releases various headsets, wired and wireless with tons of cool features every now and then. We have done many JBL wireless headphones comparison posts in the past and now its time to compare the two popular JBL Bluetooth headphones in the market. Here we compare the two budget headphones from JBL, the JBLT450BT, and JBLT460BT.

JBL T450BT vs JBL T460BT Wireless Headphones Comparison


Stereo Speakers Yes No
Bluetooth versions 4.0 4.0
Bluetooth range 10m 9m
Weight 151gm 300gm
Voice Prompts No Yes
Sweat resistant No No
Battery Life 11 hours 11 hours
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Comparing the two headphones, the JBLT450BT comes with stereo speakers whereas the JBL T460BT does not. Neither has a detachable cable nor are they sweat resistant which can be considered a disadvantage since many people like to use wireless headphones while jogging. The 460BT version is slightly on the heavier side coming in at around 300gm whereas the 450BT version is almost half the weight as its predecessor and hence it is easier to carry around. Both headphones can be folded and hence can be carried around with you on your travels quite comfortably. Also, a comfortable on-ear form is a feature that you might enjoy for both these headphones.



You will be able to control the sound and the tracks while playing music and also attend voice calls on the go with comfortable buttons placed elegantly on the ear cups. The flat, foldable and comfortable JBL headphones are a must have for all you musicophiles out there if you do not want to spend a lot of money on them. Also note that, if you dislike the on-ear structure, these may not be the ones to go for.

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The headphones from JBL are of the highest grade and gives a premium sound experience. The same can be said about the 450BT and 460BT with both of them providing sound isolation and passive noise reduction.



However, the absence of active noise canceling feature which is almost a must-have feature as far as headphones go is definitely a drawback for these headphones. Both the JBLT450BT AND JBLT460BT are run by 32mm drivers. The 460BT comes with a Neodymium magnet which is absent in the 450BT version. The comfortable cushions on the ear are made of PU leather.





Battery life is an important parameter to check while purchasing any wireless product and especially headphones which you are bound to take on your journeys. Both the headphones provide reasonable battery life up to 11 hours on a full charge. Being equipped with rechargeable batteries, it would take around 2 hours approximately to fully charge them. Both have a battery level indicator.


The 450BT and 460BT versions both come with the latest Bluetooth4.0 versions for wirelessly connecting to your smartphones, tablets or even your PCs.After testing, the maximum Bluetooth range provided by the 450BT is 10 meters and the range provided by the 460BT is 9 meters. The 460BT version also comes with voice prompts while connecting with your smartphones. The built-in microphones allow you to speak while attending calls without having to disconnect from your phones.


Both models from JBL are now available in the market for around 2500 Rs. Being the newer model, the 460BT will soon phase out the older 450BT.

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Since the price of both the headsets is the same, and there isn’t much difference between the two headphones regarding the sound qualities, picking the 460BT over the 450BT is a no brainer. However, if you want a lighter weighing headphone, go for 450BT. Although a difference of 150 grams is not that much.

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