Pioneers in the field, JBL headphones are always top-notch when it comes to design, sound quality and even affordability. The two mid-range budget Bluetooth headphones from JBL, the 500BT, and 650BT models are being compared here. The 500BT models will cost you around 8K INR whereas you would have to pay an extra 2k INR if you want to buy its successor. Is it worth it? Let’s see the comparison of JBL Live 500BT vs JBL Live 650BT, wireless speakers.

JBL Live 500BT vs JBL Live 650BT


JBL Live 500BT

  • When it comes to design, the JBL Live 500BT is lightweight with a pillow-soft pad made of PU leather. The headband will fit comfortably over your ear. There isn’t much of a difference in style and comfortability between the two models from JBL. The JBL Live 650BT  is also lightweight with a cushion padding made of the same material as its predecessor.
  • The JBL Live 500BT has a cable length of approximately 4.38ft or 133 cm. The headphone weighs approximately 231.6 grams. For the JBL Live 650BT, the cable length is slightly on the lower side coming in at 3.93 ft or 119cm. The 650BT model is also vaguely on the heavier side coming in at 249 grams. However, these slight differences are not even worth noting.
  • Both models have a built-in microphone. The cable is detachable for both as well. They both have flat-folded design and have remote controls on the earcups.

JBL Live 650BT

Battery Life

  • The JBL Live 500BT is powered by a 700mAh Li-ion battery and has a charging time of 2 hours. The JBL Live 650BT model also packs the same battery.
  • However, the 500BT model provides a maximum music playtime of around 33 hours on a full charge whereas the 650BT model provides 30 hours with the Active Noise Cancelling feature turned off and a total of 20 hours with ANC turned on. The battery life of both models can be extended to a further 2 more hours on a quick 15-minute recharge.
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Sound Quality

  • When comparing the acoustic performance of both the apps, the most important difference between the two models shines through. The 650BT model has Active Noise Cancelling features but its predecessor, the 500BT does not. The Noise-canceling feature helps to block out all disturbing external noises.
  • The 500BT is equipped with massive 50mm drivers delivering crystal clear sound with enhanced bass. The 650BT, however, is powered by a lower-spec 40mm driver.
  • You can customize the sound preferences on both models using the JBL app. However, if you are not familiar with the operations, do not mess with the settings of the headphone.


  • Both the Bluetooth headphone models from JBL uses the Bluetooth 4.2 version.
  • Multi-Point Connection is a feature of both the models which allows you to switch from one Bluetooth device to another easily. You can switch between watching a movie on your PC to connecting a call on your mobile phone easily.
  • If the battery goes off, you will be able to use them as ordinary headphones with a detachable cable.
  • You will be able to access Amazon Alexa with the buttons on the ear cup. The voice assistant tap is not very responsive, which is a let down by JBL standards.
  • The 500BT model has no noise-canceling feature, so you will not lose in touch with your surroundings. It has an Ambient Aware button which when tapped while playing music lets you listen to external noises. This feature comes in handy when you are traveling.


The JBL Live 650BT is the better choice between the two with the Noise Cancelling feature being the only difference between them. But you do have to pay the extra 2000 bucks to buy the newer model. So is it worth it? The answer would be,’ depending on your need’. If you need the noise-canceling feature to concentrate, you can go for the 650 BT model. However, apart from this improvement, both headphones are the same thing. Since both the models were designed to be used while traveling also with the Ambient Aware function and noise-canceling feature, the water resistance feature could have made these models even more amazing.

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