Both JBL Go and The JBL Flip series is popular among music enthusiasts due to its durability and amazing sound quality it provides. Both JBL Go and Flip 2 are worth the money considering the specs and available options from other brands. But still a question remains. Is there a scope of comparison between JBL Go and Flip 2 as they falls in two different price ranges. Yes would be the answer. Sometimes you even feel that the JBL Go is enough for you that it sounds so good and falls in a small price bracket. But let us really study the pros and cons of both wireless speakers to see which one is more worthy.

Let’s check the main features of both Bluetooth speakers:

JBL Go vs JBL Flip 2

Specifications JBL Flip 2
JBL Flip 2
Power Rating (RMS) 12 Watt 3 Watt
Weight 640 Grams 130 Grams
Average music playing time Up to 5 hours Up to 5 hours
Microphone Yes Yes


Let us now checkout the scenarios in which you might want to buy either of these speakers. Usually, the criteria to choose between products of same company is the price. If the same company has two products priced differently, the costlier one would be the best if you have the budget.


But when it comes to portable wireless speakers, the word “portable” has certain meaning to it. People go for portable speakers even if they are costly and under powered in comparison to wired music systems is because they are easy to carry and does not require a power outlet to function. Here, JBL Go has a big advantage of having a small form factor and just 130 grams makes it easier to carry even in your pocket. It is never going to be a burden in your travel bags or small purses.

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On the other hand JBL Flip 2 is a more powerful speaker and it has dual speaker and a bigger battery to support it. As a result, Flip 2 is bigger in size and has almost 5 times heavier than JBL Go. It has a cylindrical shape whereas the Go is box shaped. If your primary concern is portability that sound output power, you should be looking forward to JBL Go.

Music quality and output power

Everything changes when it comes to comparison of sound output power. Its like 3W JBL Go vs 12W Flip 2. More powerful dual speakers of flip 2 outputs significantly louder and in depth music than JBL Go. Also, Flip 2 performs consistently at all volume levels without any stutter or misses. On the other hand JBL Go has 3W single (mono) speaker output which is inferior to JBL Flip 2. If you dont care about portability and sound output is your main concern, at any day go for Flip 3 given that you are okay with the price.

Buy JBL Go

Buy JBL Flip 4

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