JBL, Sennheiser and Boat are three major companies with many products in the market. The best in-ear headphones below the 1K price tag come from these three major players. They are the highest-rated among the users on Amazon. Here we review the models JBL C100SI, Sennheiser CX180 and the Boat Bassheads in terms of build quality, sound quality, and connectivity.

JBL C100SI vs Sennheiser CX 180 Street II vs boAt BassHeads 225

Build Quality & Comfort

The boat BassHeads 225 has a polished metal finishing. It has a lightweight tangle-free cable that ensures the longevity of the earphone. These earphones are not comfortable to wear while resting on the couch. It has a very long earphone head. The metal casing of the earphones holds up well. The color fades off after a few months of use. The headphone jack has a perfect Lshape that makes it easy to connect to laptops.

When it comes to design the Sennheiser CX 180 Street II is a bar below the boat Bassheads. They do not have a microphone or any button to control volume. It has a finger contoured housing design. Sennheiser provides good comfortable wearing. It has a good 1.2m cable and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. It is both comfortable and sturdy.

The package consists of different sized ear caps. They have an offset opening. So they are not very comfortable to wear while resting your head. The build quality will shine through even after 1 year of heavy rough usage. It also has that perfect L shaped connector.

Compared to the Sennheiser model, the JBL C100SI model has a universal one-button remote with Mic. It has a sleek and ergonomic design. It provides a total of 3 extra ear tips. The JBL model is comfortable to wear and lightweight. It has an angled fit that makes the earphones more comfortable to be worn for longer hours. The premium metallic finishing gives the earphones an overall classy look. The connector does not have a perfect L shape.

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Build Quality: boAt 225

     Boat Bassheads 225

Comfort: sennheisers cx180

Sound Quality ( Bass, mids & lows ) 

The boat Bassheads 225 is equipped with passive noise cancellation features. It enables the user to enjoy music even in noisy environments. The earphones enable you to receive calls on the go. It has powerful 10mm drivers for producing crystal clear loud sound. It attenuates ambient noise to provide distortion-free music that has a powerful bass-driven stereo sound.

The earphones produce deep bass. It ensures a listening experience free of noise. It has a relatively high headphone sensitivity of 16 ohms that helps to provide noise-free audio.

JBL headphones usually have amazing bass and high sound clarity. The JBL signature sound has deep bass. All three earphones have similar quality mids and lows that are strong and crystal clear. The three differ in bass levels. Boat model earphone has average bass. For an earphone model with the brand name Bassheads, Boat disappoints when it comes to delivering high bass sounds. JBL has the least bass among the three headphones. The treble is high in this headphone

Sennheiser earphones have the best bass among the three earphones. When the correct fit ear tip is used, Sennheiser is a treat for Bass lovers.


Sennheiser CX 180 Street II

Sound Quality over voice calls

The call quality in boat Bassheads is great in the initial few months but started to decline after almost a year. The noise cancellation feature improves the quality of calls. The sound quality over calls for JBL headphones is pretty average. For a quality headphone company, Sennheiser failed to add a microphone to their earphones.

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Boat Bassheads225


All the three earphone models use a standard 3.5mm headphone jack for connecting to devices. They work perfectly with Android and iOS devices. The JBL model has quick launch access to both Google Assistant and Siri.

You can activate the Google Assistant with a long press of the single button to acquire this service. The one-button universal remote helps you to connect to calls. The earphones have 3.5mm gold plating that provides lossless connectivity and good data transfer.





All three headphones have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • The Boat 225 is good for voice calls. But not ideal for watching movies for long hours.
  • The JBL CS100SI is a good option to go for a model good with mic and long usage hours without any ear fatigue.
  • Use Sennheiser CX180 for enjoying movies and music for long hours. However, the lack of a microphone makes the headphone useless for connecting voice calls.
Earphone Check Price
Sennheiser CX 180 Street II
boAt BassHeads 225
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