JBL being a reputed brand in the audio device manufacturing field has multiple speakers in the market with varying price ranges. Here we compare two of the high-end speakers priced around 20K INR, the Boombox and the Xtreme2. Boombox is around 6K INR costlier than the Xtreme2 and here we compare their specifications to tell you whether the price gap is worth it.


  • The sound from speakers depends on the size of their audio drivers. The Boombox uses a 20mm driver unit whereas the Xtreme 2 uses a 69.9mm driver. Therefore Xtreme 2 is bound to produce crisp and clear bass.
  • As mentioned above the driver unit is an important factor in determining the sound quality produced by a speaker. Just like the size of the driver is important, the number of drivers is also important. Boombox uses 4 audio drivers whereas the Xtreme 2 uses 2 audio drivers. You could say the Boombox makes up for the size of the drivers with the number of audio drivers.
  • Both speakers have control buttons on the device to alter the volume and switch on and off the headset.
  • Boombox is larger than the Xtreme2 in terms of size and weight.
  • Both speakers are suited for external use. You can safely use the speaker for your beach parties and pool parties without worrying about splashes. Both of the speakers are safeguarded with protective seals to prevent damages from dust, raindrops, etc. Both speakers have an IPX7 waterproof rating.

Sound quality

  • The lowest frequency rating of any audio device is crucial in judging its quality. Here the Boombox has a rating of 50Hz and the Xtreme2 has a rating of 55 Hz. The lower rating means Boombox is capable of producing rich bass sounds than the Xtreme2.
  • Similar to the lowest frequency rating, the highest frequency rating is also important for the speakers. Both speakers have the highest frequency at which they produce audio equal to 20KHz.
  • Xtreme 2 has subwoofer enabling git to produce deep bass notes
  • Both speakers have a passive radiator allowing them to produce rich bass tones.
  • The speakers have identical Signal to Noise ratios(SNR) of 80dBs each.
  • Xtreme 2 is also equipped with noise-canceling microphones to connect voice calls smoothly.
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  • The Boombox uses a powerful 20000mAh battery whereas the Xtreme 2 employs a 10000mAh battery.
  • The Boombox will last a full 24 hours on one full charge of the battery whereas Xtreme2 will last a mere 15 hours in comparison.
  • Since one uses double the battery power than the other, the relative charging time is also proportional. Xtreme requires only about 3 to 4 hours to fully charge its battery whereas the Boombox requires over 5 hours to fully recharge its battery.
  • Both speakers have a battery level indicator to show low battery levels.


  • Both speakers use Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect with your smartphones or laptops.
  • They also have an AUX input to use them as normal wired speakers.
  • The Boombox has 2 USB ports whereas the Xtreme2 has 1 USB port.
  • These speakers are capable of connecting with multiple audiosources via Bluetooth at the same time. Both have 2 multipoint counts.

Comparison of Specifications

Features Boombox Xtreme2
Driver unit size 20mm 69.9mm
Drivers count 4 2
Weight 5.25kg 2.39kg
Lowest frequency 50Hz 55Hz
Highest Frequency 20000Hz 20000Hz
Battery power 20000mAh 10000mAh
Battery Charging time 6.5 hours 3.5 hours
Battery Life 24 hours 15 hours
Bluetooth version 4.2 4.2
USB ports 2 1
Water resistance Yes.IPX7 rated Yes.IPX7 rated


Reasons to choose JBL Xtreme 2 overĀ  JBL Boombox

  • As mentioned above the bigger the audio driver the better the sound quality and the Xtreme2 audio driver is huge compared to the Boombox audio driver.
  • Xtreme 2 is also comparatively easier to carry around as it has almost 79% less body volume and almost 3 kg lighter than the Boombox.
  • Xtreme2 also has a subwoofer which is absent in Boombox
  • The charging time is 3 hours shorter for Xtreme 2 but the battery life is also correspondingly lower than that of the Boombox.
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