When we talk about smartwatches, be it sports watches or a normal smartwatch –  a common perception is that they are costly gadgets. In fact, if you look at smartwatches from companies like Fitbit or Garmin, this statement is somewhat true since they easily cost more than 100 USD for a decent smartwatch. But the iWOWNfit P1 smartwatch that today that we are talking about is one of the exceptional product which gives you all the impressive features like GPS, ECG, HR Monitoring.. at an affordable price. Let’s review the iWOWNfit P1 power sports watch and find out whether it is worth the price. Let’s also discuss the pros and cons of this smartwatch so that you can get a real clarity on whether you should buy this device or look for an alternative fitness tracker.

Features of iWOWNfit P1

Let’s look at the advertised features of this smartwatch

  • Internal GPS
  • 1.3-inch color touchscreen (High resolution)
  • Hear rate monitor
  • 3 physical buttons for easy navigation (In addition to touch)
  • HRV/ECG (heart rate variability) analysis for fatigue monitoring
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters for swimming
  • Sleep tracking
  • Smartphone notifications
  • App support
  • Various running modes (free mode, Cardio Pulmonary Excercise and Testing (PET), Endurance, fat burning, target time, target distance, target calories)
  • Activity tracking for the wide range of activities (cycling, running, fast walk, hill climbing, basketball, table tennis, badminton, table tennis, soccer, volleyball, sit-ups, rope-jump, yoga, dance, aerobics, ice- skating, swimming, tennis)
  • Additional functions such as a stopwatch, timer, move reminder etc.
  • Battery life: 5-7 days

Now, let’s look at these features in reality and see whether the manufacturer did a great job in converting what’s on paper to a pleasing experience for the user.

First look

Inside the box, we have the smartwatch and a magnetic charger cable plus some user manuals. The display/touch portion of the smartwatch is bit curved. The button on the right side and the back of the watch has a neon color accent which is pretty attractive. On the other hand, some people are skeptical about the color as always but personally, I feel the color scheme is nice and sporty.

The band itself is made out of very durable rubber that is a lot thicker than its competitor like AmazFit. It has only one style which is a unisex version so that it should work for men and women without any problem. The only problem I found is that the band isn’t replaceable.

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User Interface


The user interface of the IWOWNfit P1 smartwatch is very clean and minimalistic. It is not cluttered with unnecessary pieces of information popping up here and there. A normal display/watch face displays the following information

  • Date and time
  • Heart rate
  • Calories burned throughout the day
  • Hours you have been standing up

You have enough watch faces available to circles through, you can choose the one which displays all these information or settle with a minimalistic one which displays just the date and time. I personally feel the watch faces could have been little more professional and pleasing to eyes, but they always can do that through an update.

For showing the time/ activating the display, you can just flip it while wearing or press on the button on the right. The flip to view works perfectly and it senses the movement accurately all the time.

You can swipe down from the main screen to the first panel which shows the number of steps throughout the day, total distance covered, most active time in a day in a graph etc. This panel is very useful to get a glimpse of your status during a day.

If you swipe down one more time, brings the second panel which basically displays a graph which has the information of you standing up during the day on an hourly basis. If you do a third swipe brings up one more panel which is nothing but a graph of when and how much energy is burned on that day.

From the main screen do a swipe up brings a quick access shade which has three buttons in it. Low power mode, Flashlight, and a night mode.

Low power mode switches your smartwatch into a low battery mode where only time and battery status is displayed and in that mode, the battery life is expected to be more than two weeks (It requires your watch to restart).

Flashlight turns your entire display white which is basically useful in a situation where there is absolute darkness.

Night mode smoothens out the display so that it won’t be hurtful to your eyes.


The sports watch has a 1.3-inch high-resolution touchscreen display which has to be appreciated. The brightness of the screen is amazing and you can see everything clearly even on a sunny day outdoors keeping the brightness halfway. Clarity of the display is more than adequate and pleasing to eyes and iWOWNfit has done a good job choosing the display.

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One of the core features of this watch is that it stores and displays data about each activity that you have been through in a day. You can swipe to the right to form the main screen to launch the activity screen which has all the various activities listed in features. All of these activities will trigger the GPS. For instance,  if you tap on cycling it will start searching for the GPS signal.

At the beginning of the activity, you can let the watch know what you are going to do (Of course while wearing it!) then the watch is going to monitor you throughout your activity. For example, if you are doing sit-ups, the watch will monitor your movement and finally, it’s going to tell whether you have done the proper motions and the number of situps you have done etc.

Notifications and messages

Swipe the screen two times right from the main screen brings you the features screen where you can read your messages. For your information, the message only shows a snippet of the content – not the complete message. In addition to messages, you can look at your schedules, appointments, and calendar which are synced over to your watch from your smartphone. There’s also access to features like stopwatch, timer and finally settings.

The settings panel allows you to change the watch dials, change the brightness and some additional settings as well.

Heart Rate Sensor

One of the things that work seamlessly is the heart rate sensor in the P1 smartwatch. The general complains about budget smartwatches is that they are known for their heart rate inaccuracy. But the iWOWNfit P1 is an exception.

Swipe left from the main screen launches the screen where you can have access to HR and Fatigue monitor. The accuracy of the heart rate monitor is never off by more than 3-4 beats plus/minus which is pretty good according to the price of this watch.

HRV/ECG Fatigue

P1 has a feature that no other smartwatches had before. It is the ECG fatigue test. You can see a wavy line on the bottom of the watch which indicates an ECG electrode in place. All you have to do is to trigger the Fatigue option from the same screen which has the HRthe place your finger on the electrode for a minute. The watch will process the electrical pulses in your body using the electrode which acts as a sensor, then give you a number which I honestly don’t know how it is calculated but as per the manufacturer higher score is better. There is no smartwatch I have seen with such a feature to compare with, but all you can do is the stability of the results which was good.

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Battery life

The advertised battery life is 5-7 days. But to be accurate it should be a minimum 2 days and rest depends on your usage. I have tested this watch up to a week without using much of its core functions and just as a smartwatch. It lasted me around 5-6 days. But when I tested using all of its features like 24 hours HR, sleep tracking, activity tracking, and occasional fatigue test, it lasted me close to two days.


The app you have to download for the P1 is called iWOWNfit Pro and it is available in the play store. It connects to the app automatically when the Bluetooth is turned on in the smartphone and usually takes a few seconds to connect and up to a minute to sync the data if you haven’t been done for few days.

The app displays the data for various activities up to 10 days. Also, it displays the sleep data and daily analysis like energy burned and steps taken etc. It displays the light sleep vs deep sleep ratio all those in a very attractive manner.


One of the main competitors to the P1 is the Amazfit Bip which is priced around the same range. But if you have read so far you can see the results are quite good for the P1 smartwatch. Considering the price point and the features this watch provides, the P1 deserves to be on top of the best budget sports smartwatches out there. If you buy it I’m sure you will never regret.


iWOWNfit P1 Power Sports Watch




Build quality









  • Accurate Heart Rate Sensor
  • GPS works great
  • Very good display
  • Clean UI
  • Great Features


  • Non-replaceable band
  • App sync is slow
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  1. My speed reflected as pace when connected to strava.Google fit reflects correct pace and speed.
    Also how do you set watch to auto pause.

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