This is my review from experience of buying an iPhone 7 plus clone and using it for couple of hours. Many of us wants to buy an iPhone, but not able to get one in hand just because of its hefty price. The latest iPhone 7 plus costs around Rs. 67995 in India which is too much to spend on a gadget for majority. This is the reason why people look for an alternative to purchasing a new iPhone like including a fake iPhone. The main alternatives they consider are:

  1. Buy a used iPhone
  2. Buy iPhone copy/clone (Fake iPhone)

iphone 7 plus clone back

The first option seems to be chosen by many but the iPhone resale value is quite high so you will end up paying 75% of new iPhone even you buy a decent second hand iPhone. So, people will consider buying a fake iPhone. Is it really beneficial to buy a clone iPhone?. Well, I will write down my experience and review of owning an iPhone 7 plus clone. This can also considered as a review which covers almost all pros and cons of a fake iPhone.

Earlier this year, I visited Shanghai, China for two weeks for an official purpose. I had no plans to buy any electronics from there till one guy approached me with an iPhone 7 plus clone at the Shanghai airport while I was about to check-in for my return flight. He showed me the device, what immediately struck my mind is that how original it looks!. From out side you will never identify whether it is an original iPhone or fake.

The seller guy tried to fool me saying it is original. But as I knew about these Chinese fake clones, I refused. Again he approached, then I casually asked the guy What is the price. He said 1200 Yuan. (Roughly Rs. 11000,  or 180 USD). I denied and walked towards check-in as he followed me and told me that he is ready for a discount. This time, I have decided to have a look at the phone. As I said, It looked very similar to original from outside. I checked the camera, it looked decent, opened couple of apps, everything seemed normal. I was planning to buy a basic phone which has just basic call functionality. Then why cant be this phone?. I told him I will buy it for 500 Yuan (Around Rs. 4500 /USD 75). Surprisingly he agreed. Without a second thought, I paid the money and grabbed the “offer” he provided. But later I realized I was making a very foolish mistake. Here comes rest of the story:

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When I got the phone the battery was almost full. I switched it off and kept in bag. Back home when I switched it on, battery was fully drained – I felt something wrong.

iPhone 7 Plus Clone Review

Inside the box

The iPhone clone comes in a paper box like an original iPhone. On the back it Says Apple iPhone 7 plus 256 GB and even the sticker looks exactly same  as what we find in an original Apple device. When you open the box, you can see the phone, SIM ejector tool, data cable, 1 A charger and  a earphone in a separate transparent cover.

fake iphone box

iphone 7 plus clone inside the box

Poor quality accessories:

The supplied charger was very cheap quality, low powered (1A) charger with a charging cable which can also be used to connect the phone to a PC.  They have also provided a earphone which sound horrible and sound coming from it was like the one  from an AM radio station.

Very low internal storage, no SD card slot

If you take Settings > General Settings  > About, It shows around 120GB of free memory. I tried to connect the device to PC, it showed 40MB. Sadly there is no sd card slot to improve the situation. Thee end s my hopes of using it for anything good.

Practically We cant use any apps

I was able to connect to WiFi. I opened Safari, I was not able to browse any websites. Google was not opening, took around 5 minutes to load. What a crap!. I downloaded a 3rd party browser (UC browser) from a store provided (similar to apple itunes store), but results were same. So practically you cant use it for web browsing also.

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Camera quality is very poor

When the sales guy showed me the camera, it was not really bad. But now I realized it was just because of the good lighting conditions in the airport. When I opened the camera in my house, the quality was really pathetic. Even my old Samsung Galaxy Ace took 10 times better pictures than this one.

Battery capacity is below average

As I already said, I t takes a time to charge the device but not so with discharging. I used the phone for roughly an hour, and 10 percent battery remains. If you try to save battery by switching it off, well it still drains. It wont turn on next time unless you connect it to charger.

Poor performance – it lags a lot

Here comes the next major con. This makes it totally trash. It behaves like it is fitted with an old-age processor. Switching between apps take a lot of time. Sometimes it stuck and you need to restart to make it work again. After using it for some time and the memory will become very low, even just opening calculator takes a hell lot of time. It is never mentioned anywhere how much RAM it has.

Only 2G network support

The phone has a single slim slot. It supports only 2G network even though we can see 3G/4G and VoLTE in settings. I put a SIM card and made some voice calls. The voice quality is pathetic, people at the other end complains that they cant make out a thing.

Most of the iOS options and apps are placeholders

The basic idea I fell for the device is the ways they have arranged all the icons and buttons just like a real iPhone. But once you get your hands on it, you will realize that options like facetime, Health are just place holders. They just don’t work. They are just screens created just to look like an iPhone.

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Fingerprint scanner never works

It sports a fingerprint scanner on the home button which is unreliable. Sometimes it never passes, sometimes it allows just anyone to unlock the phone. I used it once, disabled due to its buggy nature.


As you see, there is no point in buying this phone even if you get it for $10. It is absolutely worthless. It is a dummy phone with no practical use. The only good thing is that you can fool some one saying it is original iPhone but never let them use the device as they’ll find out it is a clone within 10 seconds.

I have also created an unboxing video of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus Clone, to give an idea about the looks and overall functionality. Please watch it below, forgive the limitations.

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  1. I have being fooled recently by a guy from olx ( second hand online store ) that it’s an original iPhone 7plus and it’s just that the mobile ain’t switched on so I have to spend around 7,000 for the repair that’s what he told and sold to me by 18,000 where I bought since the price was good and I thought I can repair it from 7,000 since the actual Iphone7plus was 75000 (that’s what he said) .When I took it to the Apple service centre they told me it’s a fake IPhone and so they told me to exchange it back with the seller .Whereas the seller*bitch* disappeared and switched off his phone and blocked me in all the sites. He planned to fool me from the start that’s what I realised. I cannot just imagine that how can olx store verify such sellers if they are not going to help in as I reported my incident to the OLX experts to claim my money back but no response. How can a human be so heartless to fool a student like me .

    1. Looks like the same guy duped me ,from olx,why do they even allow them to trade on their site

    2. Really feel sorry for you. But thank you….. You alerted me. I was also planning to buy a clone iPhone but now I will not.

  2. Thank you so much for the review. Very detailed and honest.
    I was planning on buying an iPhone 7 clone which costs less than a tenth of the original thinking maybe it wasn’t so bad. You just saved me the frustration, thank you.

    1. Glad to know that it helped you. Keep visiting!

  3. Thank you,
    You saved my time

  4. I bought a fake iPhone at the Shanghai Airport, as well. Such a crime may be common at those areas. I don’t know if the local government cares.

  5. Me given order for apple 8 but after read all me canceled the same

  6. Thanks Man…
    I was Just going to buy iphone x clone but you save me…Thanks☺

  7. Thank you for providing deep information about iphone clone

  8. I bought one from abudabi I thought it was original to my surprise it’s fake and useless. It behaves just the way u have described

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