For quite a long time we were doing reviews and comparisons on the budget to midrange wireless bluetooth headphones. This post isn’t different either, but how about taking a look at an ultra-budget Bluetooth headphone from Intex?. Intex is known for building gadgets that are super affordable. You will get surprised to know that even wireless headphones are available at this low price.  The Intex Jogget B Bluetooth headphones are priced at just Rs. 950/- and it is available on Amazon. Here are the Intex Jogger BT Bluetooth headphones review with pros and cons and let us find out if a thousand bucks are worth spending on it.

Intex Jogger B Bluetooth Headphones Features

  • Bluetooth V3.0 provides a 10-meter range
  • LED display along with the card slot
  • 3.5mm aux port
  • Microphone inbuilt
  • 300 mAh battery
  • FM radio
  • Weight: 331 grams

As we can see from the specifications of this wireless headset, it has got all the necessary features that a wireless headphone should have apart from noise cancellation. An LED display and Sd card slot is something you wouldn’t even expect on a wireless headphone, but to your surprise, it’s there. Let’s go into the details of the product now.

Design and build quality

For the 1K price, no one would be expecting a high standard build and top quality cust and designs. It is not different in reality, build quality of this headphone is not very great. It is made out of cheap quality plastic that can easily break if you drop it a couple of times. But Intex has done its maximum to keep the quality up to its price.

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As we seen in the picture, it has a very basic design, black in color, the right earpiece has all the buttons in it. It can be folded to inside which makes it very compact. It is very easy to accommodate in your carry bag or even in your pocket.The over the head strap is adjustable and the side ear cups are foldable and adjustable. The pack doesn’t come with Aux cable even though it supports aux connectivity.

The right ear cup has a small LED display which only shows track numbers, volume, and PC and TF card modes. It is not a touchscreen. All the buttons like on/off, play/pause, skip track etc are individually arranged on the outer side of the right ear cup. Also, the micro USB charging port, a led indicator, and card slot are also packed in it.

Audio quality

Sound quality is very good for a headphone that priced less than 1K. The audio is really loud, you wouldn’t miss a thing. Even though the company is not bragging about any additional noise cancellation features, the noise cancellation is adequate on this headphone. The base is great, mid-tones sometimes fade due to low-frequency boost, but it should not be a problem since it depends on the type of audio you are playing.

Battery backup

The battery is a replaceable 300 mAh Lithium-ion battery. You can expect more than 6 hours of music playback from it which is more than adequate in my opinion. You can use any smartphone charger which has micro us b port connector.

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If you are looking for a wireless headphone that wouldn’t cost much money, it is definitely worth looking at Intex Jogger BT headphones. It is really a value for money since we are paying Rs 950 for features which no other headphone will provide. It is a sure buy for budget headphone lovers.

Intex Jogger BT Bluetooth Headphones


Design & build quality


Battery life


Sound Quality







  • Compact & flexible
  • Good battery backup
  • Cheap
  • Loaded with features


  • Cheap build quality
  • Average sound quality
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